Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Storm Here- Time to Organize the Garage

We got a FOOT of snow today! It's a darned good thing I cleaned out the garage or we would be up a serious creek without a paddle. I think that this summer, or maybe even this winter and spring, if I get the energy, I'll organize the garage. You know, get a garage organizing system to use the available space better. I know that Craftsman makes tool storage containers, which will be a major issue because I have a giant collection of hand tools and power tools and I'm fussy about where they go. (Which doesn't seem to stop them from getting scattered around the house anyhow). There's got to be a garage storage cabinet system somewhere though, maybe I'll start pricing them after the holiday and see if they go on sale.

Sorry, I'm babbling. I'll get back to work. Just wanted to tell you about all our snow!

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