Thursday, December 13, 2007

ESPN is short for "No Sports Here"

I actually sent an email to the people over at ESPN yesterday. I told them I'm done watching them. Don't get me wrong- occasionally they actually show sports on that channel so I'll tune in for that, but as for their ten hours a day of discussing three "news" stories, I've had enough.

Part of it is that I went to England a couple of months ago and was trapped in the hotel room for a bit. I watched Sky Sports, which unlike ESPN, covers sports from around Europe. I watched part of a cricket match for the first time. (It wasn't even major league cricket, it was like the national under 17 league or something). I watched several rugby matches, a snooker tournament and a couple of soccer games. I saw highlights of everything from Formula 1 racing to wrestling to diving.

I'm not a fan of rugby, or cricket, or formula 1 racing, or soccer, or any of those sports, but I have to say it was interesting to watch. ESPN covers football, baseball and basketball. That's it. They break that up with the occasional glimpse of hockey, and are now full hot on making NASCAR part of their line-up, but really they're a three trick pony and they pound that trick into the ground. SportsCenter is repeated all morning. All afternoon they have sportswriters sit around and analyze whatever is in the sports headlines, followed by SportsCenter, then, mercifully, sometimes, a game of some sort.

American television and the marketing people behind its revenue are sucking the substance out of everything. ESPN isn't sports, it's slick catchphrases and pseudo news. I ain't watching it until they bring back Australian Rules football and Premier League soccer.

I know, I'm just cranky and difficult.

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