Monday, December 17, 2007

Gamer Points vs. Banners

I was playing EA Sports NCAA Football 07 a lot because my wife was out of town last week, and now I'm kind of hooked on it again. The problem is that my TV is being used as the family TV, and the xBox 360 is hooked to it, so I can only play when no one else is around, or else I commandeer the TV for an hour to play, which makes me feel like a big nerdy TV hog. Anyhow, it was bugging me that there aren't any "unlockables" in the game, like I'm playing Notre Dame and I would love to have them play in their green jerseys, and I hoped there was a way to unlock them, or unlock old college stars or great teams from the past. (How about a Notre Dame team with Joe Montana again?)

So I did a little search for game cheats fort NCAA Foootball 2007. Turns out all you get is gamer points for certain accomplishments. Like if you get 100 yards rushing you get 25 gamerpoints or something. I didn't see any totally sick accomplishments on there either, like if I rush for 500 yards or throw for 700. It kind of sucked as I must have accomplished all that can be accomplished by now. Also, I didn't see a way to combine the "create a player" with the dynasty mode, but I did see a game mode I'd not played, Campus Legend, I'll have to check out when I play next time.

I'll let you know how many gamerpoints I have too...later.

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