Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lunch Lady Scandal Rocks Survivor

Did you hear about the Survivor Lunch Lady Scandal?

The lady that finished fourth claimed that when she went back to work as a lunch lady she got demoted to janitor. "I went back and I talked to the food service director, and they didn't give me my job back," Martin said, "so I ended up having to go -- I'm a janitor now. I clean the toilets, I wash the floors of the bathrooms, I vacuum the kids' rugs. I miss dinner with my family. I haven't been to a field hockey game yet. I'm missing out on a lot more than I originally had planned on doing."

So there was a pity party and host Jeff Probst said "This is very much a live show, and our boss and the creator of this show, Mark Burnett, was backstage listening to Denise's story. And, I'm not kidding: Just now on a break, he said to let Denise know that Mark Burnett is going to give Denise $50,000!"

Nancy Lane, the superintendent of Douglas Public Schools in Massachusetts, says Martin didn't portray what happened accurately -- and had in fact been promoted, at her own request, to the new position, which pays better and has better benefits.

The two of them faced off on The Early Show Tuesday -- with Lane in New York, and Martin in Los Angeles. Here's a link to the video

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