Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Favorite Buzz

I'm a big fan of Yahoo's Buzz. It's a listing of what's really hot on the internet, what people are searching for and stuff. I like it because if there's a movie I haven't heard about or a musician people are searching for it's probably something I might want to learn more about. My all time favorite one the other day was a list of "Why" questions that people ask Yahoo.
Here's a link to the post, here's the most frequently asked questions;

1. Why is the sky blue?
2. Why doesn't my password work?
3. Why do some people sweat more than others?
4. Why is Friday the 13th unlucky?
5. Why did Brad Pitt leave Jennifer Aniston?
6. Why do cats purr?
7. Why do we celebrate Christmas?
8. Why do we dream?
9. Why eat organic foods?
10. Why recycle?
11. Why is my computer slow?
12. Why are gas prices so high?
13. Why was Emeril canceled?
14. Why go to college?
15. Why does turkey make you sleepy?
16. Why do people lie?
17. Why do leaves change colors?
18. Why did Shannen Doherty leave Charmed?
19. Why can't humans drink salt water?
20. Why do dogs eat grass?

Can't you just picture little kids asking some of them? Can't you just picture it?

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