Saturday, December 29, 2007

Playboy Playmates- A History of Pin-ups

The death of Jeanne Carmen the other day, AND the fact that my wife and I watched Pulp Fiction last night, got me thinking about pin-ups. (Remember the great scene where Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) is corrected by Vincent Vega (John Travolta) that there's only one Marilyn Monroe on duty? The other waitress is Mamie Van Doren and he thinks Jayne Mansfield must have the night off.

Anyhow, that got me thinking that I'd like to know more about Playboy and Playboy Bunnies, the inventors of the Pin-up and thank goodness, the magazine that changed the world (and got America to pull the stick out of its butt a little).

Here are the first ten years of Playboy Playmates, in case you're interested, fromthe first (Marilyn Monroe in December 1953) through Ellen Stratton in December 1959. I didn't know that Bettie Page had been in Playboy!

Marilyn Monroe December 1953 Margie Harrison January 1954 Margaret Scott February 1954 Dolores Del Monte March 1954 Marilyn Waltz April 1954 Joanne Arnold May 1954 Margie Harrison June 1954 Neva Gilbert July 1954 Arline Hunter August 1954 Jackie Rainbow September 1954 Madeline Castle October 1954 Diane Hunter November 1954 Terry Ryan December 1954 Bettie Page January 1955 Jayne Mansfield February 1955 No Issue March 1955 Marilyn Waltz April 1955 Marguerite Empey May 1955 Eve Meyer June 1955 Janet Pilgrim July 1955 Pat Lawler August 1955 Anne Fleming September 1955 Jean Moorehead October 1955 Barbara Cameron November 1955 Janet Pilgrim December 1955 Lynn Turner January 1956 Marguerite Empey February 1956 Marian Stafford March 1956 Rusty Fisher April 1956 Marion Scott May 1956 Gloria Walker June 1956 Alice Denham July 1956 Jonnie Nicely August 1956 Elsa Sorensen September 1956 Janet Pilgrim October 1956 Betty Blue November 1956 Lisa Winters December 1956 June Blair January 1957 Sally Todd February 1957 Sandra Edwards March 1957 Gloria Windsor April 1957 Dawn Richard May 1957 Carrie Radison June 1957 Jean Jani July 1957 Dolores Donlon August 1957 Jacquelyn Prescott September 1957 Colleen Farrington October 1957 Marlene Callahan November 1957 Linda Vargas December 1957 Elizabeth Ann Roberts January 1958 Cheryl Kubert February 1958 Zahra Norbo March 1958 Felicia Atkins April 1958 Lari Laine May 1958 Judy Lee Tomerlin June 1958 Linne Nanette Ahlstrand July 1958 Myrna Weber August 1958 Teri Hope September 1958 Mara Corday October 1958 Joan Staley November 1958 Joyce Nizzari December 1958 Virginia Gordon January 1959 Eleanor Bradley February 1959 Audrey Daston March 1959 Nancy Crawford April 1959 Cindy Fuller May 1959 Marilyn Hanold June 1959 Yvette Vickers July 1959 Clayre Peters August 1959 Marianne Gaba September 1959 Elaine Reynolds October 1959 Donna Lynn November 1959 Ellen Stratton December 1959

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Anita Black said...

So many of these women are dead now :( Like Jonnie Nicely