Saturday, December 29, 2007

Proof of Bigfoot? Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization

I've been a fan of Bigfoot or Sasquatch or whatever you call him since I was a little kid. Ok, let me state that correctly, I've been terrified of Bigfoot or Sasquatch or whatever you call him since I was a little kid.

I saw one of those movies that were popular in the 1970s about him, "In Search of Bigfoot" maybe (or was it "In Search of Noah's Ark"? Hold on, I'll go check IMDB) I was right, it was In Search of Bigfoot (1976). There was also a The Mysterious Monsters that same year which covered Bigfoot, the Yeti or Abominable Snowman, and the Loch Ness Monster. And yikes, there was also a movie called In Search of Noah's Ark in 1976. I need to go check out what other movies from that year warped my poor little brain.

Anyhow, one of the Bigfoot movies had a scene where he reached into a house and smashed the television through the window. A big hairy arm reaching through a window and smashing a big television, throwing it around like a toy. Scared the living daylights out of me because our house had a TV just like the one in the movie and it was right in front of a window. The chair I sat in to watch that television was right in front of another window, and I got the heebie jeebies a lot thinking that Bigfoot or Sasquatch or their friend the Yeti might reach in and smash me around.

The famous Bigfoot movie from 1967 didn't help either. You've seen this one, it's the famous one of him walking along a woods, swinging his arms and looking at the frightened shaking camera. I grew up in a rural area and could completely believe that one, many is the time I scanned the edges of fields and clearings imagining I would catch a glimpse of Bigfoot. Usually I'd think that while walking home in the dark, which didn't help.

So anyway, I was bored and thought I would Google Bigfoot and Sasquatch and I learned that there is a group called Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and they have a big website.

Normally I would say that this is all a bunch of foolishness, but take a look at these pictures from the Bigfoot site;

This is a picture of two bears that have come out to smell bait left by a hunter.

The information from the camera is on the picture. It was taken in the woods in Pennsylvania. Now check out THIS picture.
I've seen enough bears to know that this is NOT a bear. Could it be some sort of baby Bigfoot?
Here's the info from the website about these pictures:

Date: September 16, 2007

Location: Northwest Pennsylvania

Camera: Bushnell trail camera (automatic) with infrared (invisible) flash. Camera placed by R. Jacobs.

Time of images: See time stamps on images - click icons above for larger versions.

Figures in images: Bear cubs in first image; Possible young sasquatch in two subsequent images.

Bait used: Strong aromatic deer attractant mix and a mineral lick block.

There is a whole long section I'll send you over to the BFRO website to read, because it's cool. They have other pictures taken by that camera of deer and bears and a discussion about what they think the pictures are.

They have reports from sightings all over the country in a well organized database. Go check it out and see if you believe that there's really a species out there in the woods that we haven't discovered yet.


Grafikman said...

Actually, most of the talking heads, even Jeff Meldrum and Loren Coleman who are prominent names in the bigfoot world have acquiesed that the creature in the pic is a bear with mange. I think it's *possible* it is but I still hold out judgement.

And the creature in the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film is a she, as there are pendulous breasts prominently displayed as she walks.

JavaBob said...

The second comment which says that it is probably a bear with mange.. but I will keep an open mind... Is the best answer that can be given! I personally believe it is a bear with a skin problem, but need to keep an open mind. Like with all such sightings and photos, it will take additional investigation to make a definite decision.. and that takes an open mind! Kudos to you!