Friday, December 28, 2007

Second Life

I'm a huge fan of the virtual world Second Life.

If you're unfamiliar with it, think of the superhuge video game The Sims, only you can do whatever you want, no script to follow, no limited set of choices like in The Sims, hang out and talk to people from all over the world via an avatar you create. An avatar is your virtual person, someone who looks however you want them to look. You can be a man in real life and a woman in Second Life. You can be a furry dog, or hovering robot camera. Whatever you want.

When you start Second Life, you have a list of last names to choose from, but you pick your first name. I love some of the crazy names people choose. Here's a sampling;

John Trihey, Toby Howton, Fanny Carbenell, Kay Douglas, Sherrade Stirling, Chelsea Mills, LuckyLuciano Barbosa, Callie Cline, Alexxa Despres, Viagra Protagonist, Chloe Carlos, Driftwood Miles, Chuck Fadoodle, Celebrity Trollop, Kerry Blessed, MaxPerfect Perenti, Saku Koltai, Rocko Fallon, Jet Goode, LadyStar Ferraris, Ale Etzel, Simon Kline, Wabisabi Matahari, Prokofy Neva, Marjorie Dibou, Pixeleen Mistral, Leanne Karas, Leanne Karas, AvaWank Dailey, Tosha Demar, RAZOR Shark, ObeeSnacks Rankin, Urizenus Sklar, Tyro Hollwood, XanderCage Cale, StickyKind Vanmoer, DevilsPlaypen Blessed, Serina DeVinna, Vanda Maertens, Shanen Hax, RC Sellers, Shemale Babii, Elealora Writer, Desiree Petunia, We3usimage Babenco, Ty Gabe, Samba Beaumont, Gilles Champollion, SabreWulf Banshee, Gaya Robbiani, Kimber Enoch, Diamond Christiansen, Merddin Heron, Feminist Expedition, Ticious Trottier, Tom Trottier, We3usimage Babenco, Balder Miles, Renny Slade, cricket Lane ,Toefje Lemmon, Alberta Cao, Mrs Harrison, MikeTheCharmed Horan, Nexo Sands, Celestina Starostin, Melanie Nadir, Free Xanax Xie, Sam Laszlo, ron Spaight ,Mavis McGettigan, CoKo Seesaw, slowwshy Gorilla, Jacklyn Mills, Jadyn Voom, Lazulai Stuer, Michelle Lingiuan, Kirsty Oherlihy, Brianna Michalak, Sut Snook, Queue Marlowe, Jewell Lamourfou, LollyPop Congrejo, CCTV Giant, Delphina Audina, Callie Cline, Maleia Lambeau, Frenchpolisher Lovell, Darq Sinister, Mika Korhonen, Wayne Babii, Phaze Nemeth, Abel Halderman, Heathur Spaight, Gemini Enfield, Nich Kraft, Silelf Fisseux, Braders Benelli, MyFirstNameIs Andrew, Clo Boram, Cialis Aabaye, Greasy Spatula, Scarface Corleone, orb Thursday, Tatiana Volare, Morgayne Alexander, Rudolf Moo, francois Uba, Jamez Hedrick, Michelle Dzieciol, Corbantis Priestman, AdReAs Dagostino, pauloteixeira Vollmar, Sjane Jewell, Claudia Mizin, Ameno Heron, Kamy Potkova


Jet said...

Whats weird about my name?

Im from the netherlands and Jet is my real first name. It's an old dutch name and very common.

Paulo Teixeira said...
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