Friday, December 14, 2007

The Steroid Report

The much anticipated Mitchell Report hit the news yesterday. I am a bit disappointed. I think that steroids are much more prevalent than this report indicated. Because I don't want to find my butt in court sued for libel or slander or whatever I would get sued for I won't name names, but there are an awful lot of Major League Baseball players out there who got awfully big awfully quickly whose names aren't in the reports. Let's look at all the players who went from 18-20 homers to 45-50 homers then disappeared once Baseball started talking about steroid testing? Nah, let's just sacrifice Clemens and Tejada and hope no one notices that this report names fewer than 1% of the players in the majors in a given year, while the numbers who tested positive several years ago were closer to 7%, and this whole thing started when a former major leaguer gave the number as much much higher.

Oh well, at least the Sox won two World Series of late, I guess I'll just continue to watch games, buy merchandise and wonder what my career would have been like if I'd started doing 'roids in High School.

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