Saturday, December 29, 2007

This Week on Howard Stern

Last week they played the "best of" but it was an interesting take. Each of the staff picked their favorite bits from 2007 and they played the clips. Some were truly hilarious. Here they are.

Staff Picks Of 2007 - Gary Baba Booey Delabate's Picks.
Sal's Lack Of History Knowledge Exposed.
It's Just Wrong Mother / Son Edition.
Heather Vandeven And Justine Jolie Sybian Ride.
Sal Kisses Richard's Taint.
Brad Garrett Interview.
Sal Vs. Artie Part 1.
Sal Vs. Artie Part 2.
Sal And Artie Make Up.

Artie Lange Picks.
Tracey Vs. Grillo.
Ralph And Artie Fight Over Taking Dana's Seat In Artie's Car.
Notorious Artie Lange.
Iron Sheik's First Visit.
Richard Kisses Sal's Balls.
Scott Baio Interview.
Porn Stars Vs. Slow Adults.

Fred Norris Picks.
Howard's Limo's Petcock Problem.
Eric The Midget's ''You Know What To Do'' Call.
JD's Mom In Hawaii.
Steve Grillo Reads His Diary.
Jerry Rice Interview.
George Takei Plays Guess What's In Sal's Pouch.

Robin Quivers Picks.
Artie Is Not Howard's Bro.
Nicole Sheridan Phone Sex With Fake Arnold.
Jamie Foxx Interview.
Sal And Richard Tea Bagging.
Robin Beats JD In Arm Wrestling.
Sal's Wife Shoots Him With Painballs.
Porn Star Feud.

Howard Stern Picks.
Howard Gets Engaged.
Gary Garver Interviews Darth Nihilus.
Sal Reveals His Wife's Emotional Friend.
Chris Rock Interview.
Ronnie At Bubba's Wedding.
'When I See Beth Smiling' First Played.
Sarah Silverman Smells Richard.

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