Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Totally Random

I woke up this morning and in discussing whether or not I could muster the strength to get to work, my wife said I just have to take it "One Day at a Time," which led to a discussion of the 1970s television show of that title. Yes, my wife did a dramatic reading of the lyrics to inspire me to get my lazy ass out of bed and off to the canning factory.

Of course I thought Valerie Bertinelli was hot, but I also found Bonnie Franklin, who played "Anne Romano" to be hot too. ("With her little 70s braless sassy ways" I think I said). My wife said she couldn't get past Franklin's hair.

I googled "Bonnie Franklin" to find a picture to show you, and came up with picture you see to the left. I immediately had to go to the website and find out if little Bonnie Franklin, heroine of all the braless women's libbers, had become a giant or had married a dwarf.

Turns out neither is the case. Well, actually they could be the case, but the web site in question won't give me that answer, because the people in the picture are actually "Donnie and Pam" from the Dixie Strutters Square Dance Club in Gilbert, SC. (Bonnie Franklin is the president of the club, according to the website. I assume it's a different Ms. Franklin).

This morning I also said that I thought that Bobby Goldsboro's "Little Green Apples" was a themesong for that show. I can't find any evidence to that effect on the web. (Yes I know it had that "one day at a time" song, but I swear it had another one either for repeats or daytime syndication or its earliest episodes or something. I smoked a lot of crack as a toddler though, so I could be wrong).

At any rate, I made it to work.

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