Monday, December 10, 2007

What Happened to Hello World?

Maybe I've got my blogging tools mixed up but I thought the first post was always "Hello World." Maybe that's Wordpress.

Anyhow. I'm starting a blog. I had one several years ago but lost interest once people I know actually started reading it and expecting me to write interesting things. I like it better when you blog and people you don't know read it and don't give a shit what you write, or maybe they do care, but you don't care if they care because you don't know them.

Yeah, so, I won't be telling the locals about this one.

Not that there will be anything juicy or compelling that they'll miss out on, just me being difficult again.

So today it's snowing like hell here, which made the commute a wild time, which means that there are only like 10% of our normal population here at the office today. Slackers. I'm here, not doing any work, but at least I'm here.

So there you have it, that awkward first post is out of the way. Hello World

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