Thursday, December 20, 2007

What I'm Listening to Now- The Grateful Dead Workingman's Dead

The Grateful Dead Workingman's Dead
This might be my favorite album of all time. Maybe, I'd have to be threatened with a gun to pick my definite favorite because there are so many great albums by so many great groups, but this is definitely up there. It's so folkie but cool at the same time, and the picking and singing is so tight, unlike a lot of Dead things, that it just grooves in an organic and cool way. If you don't have this album, or don't know where your copy is anymore, click the album cover. You'll thank me I swear

1. Grateful Dead Uncle John's Band
2. Grateful Dead High Time
3. Grateful Dead Dire Wolf
4. Grateful Dead New Speedway Boogie
5. Grateful Dead Cumberland Blues
6. Grateful Dead Black Peter
7. Grateful Dead Easy Wind
8. Grateful Dead Casey Jones

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