Friday, December 28, 2007

What I'm listening to Now- Led Zeppelin Mothership

I love Led Zeppelin. I'm not one of those crazy fans who memorized all the trivia and tourdates and all that, but I do love this band. I've been sick of Led Zeppelin II and IV and stopped listening to Stairway to Heaven for years at a time, then, I'll hear something on the radio from Houses of the Holy and will keep that cd in the player in my truck for the next several weeks until I'm sick of it, then the whole cycle starts again.
I like this album because it's all their best stuff remastered so it sounds great, not just another cheesey Best of album here, an honest remastering of a seriously great band's stuff. As Levar Burton says though, Don't just take my word for it...check it out at amazon.

Led Zeppelin Mothership 2CD/1DVD

Disc: 1
1. Led Zeppelin Good Times Bad Times
2. Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown
3. Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused
4. Led Zeppelin Babe I'm Gonna Leave Yous
5. Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love
6. Led Zeppelin Ramble On
7. Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker
8. Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song
9. Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You
10. Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll
11. Led Zeppelin Black Dog
12. Led Zeppelin When The Levee Breaks
13. Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven
Disc: 2
1. Led Zeppelin Song Remains The Same
2. Led Zeppelin Over The Hills And Far Away
3. Led Zeppelin D'Yer Maker
4. Led Zeppelin No Quarter
5. Led Zeppelin Trampled Under Foot
6. Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy
7. Led Zeppelin Kashmir
8. Led Zeppelin Nobody's Fault But Mine
9. Led Zeppelin Achilles Last Stand
10. Led Zeppelin In The Evening
11. Led Zeppelin All My Love
Disc: 3
1. Led Zeppelin We're Gonna Groove
2. Led Zeppelin I Can't Quit You Babe (DVD)
3. Led Zeppelin Dazed & Confused (DVD)
4. Led Zeppelin White Summer (DVD)
5. Led Zeppelin What Is & What Should Never Be (DVD)
6. Led Zeppelin Moby Dick (DVD)
7. Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love
8. Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown
9. Led Zeppelin Bring It On Home
10. Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song
11. Led Zeppelin Black Dog
12. Led Zeppelin Misty Mountain Hop
13. Led Zeppelin Going To California
14. Led Zeppelin In My Time Of Dying
15. Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven
16. Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll
17. Led Zeppelin Nobody's Fault But Mine
18. Led Zeppelin Kashmir
19. Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love(DVD)
For years, as playlists and multidisc players put Led Zeppelin tracks into a mix, there was a perpetual need to adjust the volume when Zep came on. Their tunes languished in the haze of substandard remastering--until now, at least for the 24 tracks on Mothership and the final fullness of the new Song Remains the Same reissue. For its part, Mothership's crisper, warmer audio owes its heft to the troika of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, who helped oversee the mastering, bringing out untold shades even in the throes of "Heartbreaker" and the sinews of "No Quarter." It's an impressive sonic leap. Where tinny high-ends and muffled lows used to co-exist, fatter and louder depths prevail. It's ever more astonishing that Zep got on with just four blokes. You can quibble with the 24 tracks here (where's "The Ocean"?), but the band picked each track here, from the stone-cold locks ("Communication Breakdown" and "Stairway to Heaven," no, duh) to the robust throb of "When the Levee Breaks." As for "The Ocean," you can find that in fantastically full form, along with five other gems on the newly remastered Song Remains the Same, which shows up for 2007's holiday season on DVD, too. Only rarely have four lads from England made so memorable an auditory and visual blast.

Product Description
Led Zeppelin redefined rock in the Seventies and for all time. They were as influential in that decade as the Beatles were in the prior one. Their impact extends to classic and alternative rockers alike. Then and now, Led Zeppelin looms larger than life on the rock landscape as a band for the ages with an almost mystical power to evoke primal passions.
- from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's web page on the band s 1995 induction
It's rare that a group can truly rock today s world, but the arrival of MOTHERSHIP, the first-ever comprehensive 2CD Led Zeppelin compilation with the soon to follow re-release of The Song Remains The Same on CD & DVD and a concert event reuniting Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones qualifies. Produced by Page and mixed by Kevin Shirley, MOTHERSHIP's 24 monolithic tracks were selected and sequenced by the band, who also oversaw the painstaking remastering. Spanning their epic career, the unprecedented collection pulls immortal songs from all eight of the band s classic studio albums, one of the 20th century s most enduring bodies of musical work. Arguably the most influential and innovative rock band ever, Led Zeppelin has sold over 200 million records worldwide. They continue to inspire successive generations with their passionate, groundbreaking, genre-transcendent, mystic, heavy and blues-infused rock n roll. Forty years since they formed, the song indeed remains the same.

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