Monday, December 17, 2007

Who Should Play Sue Storm?

Last night we watched The Fantastic Four Movie, the rise of the Silver Surfer. I loved it, my wife hated it. Well, I don't know if she hated it, she just didn't love it, while I loved it. I think Jessica Alba is totally wrong to play Sue Storm though, her complexion is too dark, Sue Storm needs to be more fair skinned. Jessica Alba is totally hot though, I'll say that, especially the scene where she's switched powers with her brother and ends up nude on the sidewalk!

Of all the current "hotties" though, I don't think any would be good to play Sue Storm, none of them have the right look. Angelina Jolie is dark like Jessica Alba. Jessica Simpson could do it, and so could Lindsey Lohan, but of the two Jessica Simpson would be better. If we're going into singers playing her, I'd give Britney Spears a shot just because I'd like to see her get her life back together again and maybe the rigors of filming a movie would help. Sadly, Paris Hilton probably has the best coloration of all of them, but I dislike her so intensely I'd never see the movie!

We also watched X men 3 the last stand. I love Halle Berry as Storm and wow is Rebecca Romijn superhot as Mystique. I wasn't crazy about Famke Janssen as Phoenix or Jean Gray but by the end of the movie I'd decided she was perfect.

Ok, now I really have to go. See you later!!

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