Wednesday, January 16, 2008

50" Pioneer Plasma HDTV Rated best by CNet

Wow, people were really excited about the High Def Television info I put up yesterday, so here's some more. I'll list the rest of the HDTV sets that cNet rated as the best. First, the 48-52 inch category.

Pioneer PDP-5080HD
Best HDTV between 48- and 52-inches
The Pioneer PDP-5080HD produces the deepest shade of black--and thus one of the best pictures--we've ever tested.

Pioneer PDP-5080HD 50" 720p Plasma HDTV

Technical Details

* 4 Independent HDMI Inputs (HDMI 1.3) with 1080p 24/60Hz Compatibility
* Fully Integrated Media Receiver with Dual NTSC and ATSC Tuner
* TV Guide On-Screen Interactive Program Guide for easy navigation of TV program services
* ASIC video processing and scaling for the ultimate in Standard-Definition and High-Definition video performance
* New Optimum Video Mode with optical light sensor for automated adjustment of picture in both varying light conditions and by program content such as movies- news- sports- etc

Outstanding Video Performance The PDP-5080HD sports a resolution of 1365 x 768 pixels (WXGA), and can display the 768p and 720p formats natively. The black levels on plasma screens are generally superb and this unit is no exception, with blacks that are an intense, deep black and a picture that has very high contrast as a result.

The display features Pioneer's new ASIC video processing and scaling, which upconverts standard definition and other video resolutions for viewing at the display's native resolution. A variety of noise reduction circuitry ensures a distortion-free picture at all times. Users can manually adjust the color temperature, gamma, and the levels of noise reduction circuitry and filters to fine tune the picture to their exact specifications.

An optical light sensor automatically adjusts the picture for optimal viewing depending on the ambient light in the room, compensating for night and day and for the content of the video, such as sports, movies, or news. The PDP-5080FD also has a film mode that eliminates motion judder and provides smoother playback of film content.

The PDP-5080HD is capable of remembering six picture settings for various A/V selections, with Movie, Game, Standard, Dynamic, and Optimum modes, as well as a user-defined preset. You can also set one of five aspect ratio presets in case you're watching standard-aspect 4:3 television. The television can also be set to auto-size when zooming is necessary.

Connections for all your Components
The PDP-5080HD has a large complement of inputs, including four independent HDMI 1.3 inputs (two with analog audio). Additionally, it has two component inputs, three composite inputs, and one S-Video input. There is a USB connection that can connect a storage drive for viewing of photos. A built-in CableCard slot enables the PDP-5080HD to work with cable services without an extra decoding box. An ATSC and two NTSC tuners are built in and fully integrated for use with picture-in-picture and picture-side-picture modes. The television has outputs for Dolby Digital/PCM, audio, subwoofer, SR+, and headphone. The TV Guide On-Screen programming guide is included as well.

Breathtaking Audio
The PDP-5080HD features a detachable bottom speaker with an integrated digital amplifier that improves the clarity and accuracy of the sound. The amplifier provides 17 watts of power for the two-way speakers and supports SRS WOW/FOCUS/TruBass surround sound.

The PDP-5080HD is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

The Pioneer PDP-5080HD 50-Inch High-Definition PureVision Plasma Television offers the most advanced panel technology, video processing features and convenience options for recreating the home theater experience. The redesigned deep encased cell structure improves brightness, image accuracy and panel efficiency. Enhanced contrast, deeper blacks and brighter colors improve your high-definition viewing, turning your living room into the hottest new theater in town. Employing latest plasma technologies, screen reliability and higher resolution capability is achieved to deliver a home-theater experience that's simply the best. Independent HDMI inputs (10-bit processing) with interpolated 1080p - 24Hz compatibility TV Guide On-Screen Interactive Program Guide A/V Selection - 6 options for viewing preferences (Standard/Dynamic/PURE/Movie/Game/User) Aspect Ratio control - 5 positions (Wide/Zoom/Cinema/Full/4 - 3) Split Screen and Picture-in-Picture Home Gallery offers a convenient way to view photos through a USB connection 13W stereo amplifier with TruBass 2-Way stereo speakers SRS WOW/FOCUS/TruBass Bass Boost loudness Digital and MPEG noise reducation - 4 settings Natrual Resize & Enhancer Digital Chroma Decoder Inputs - Independent Dual HDMI Component (1 side, 2 rear), Composite (1 side, 3 rear), S-Video (2 rear), Antenna A & B, USB, PC in Outputs - Optical Digital Audio, Monitor Out - Composite/Audio L-R, Subwoofer, SR+ V-Chip Parental Control Comes with glow-in-the-dark remote control, presets, direct input selection and TV Guide control Table top stand included Optional wall mount (PWM-F110) Display Dimensions(WxHxD) - 48-3/16 x 28-1/4 x 4-1/2 (with integrated speakers)

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