Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Day, Another Guitar Contest

There was a guitar painting competition yesterday (Sat) at Suntec City and I was invited to be one of the 3 judges. The organising team from Suntec called me and asked if I am willing to help out. They were short of judges and they said I look quite arty farty. I hope they don't mean that I look gay.

The qualifying rounds concluded last Saturday and Hakim was one of the eight finalists It sounded like fun and since I can't paint, not to mention getting into the finals, I might as well help to judge. Yes it doesn't make any sense thats why I agreed to help. I can't like myself to a guitar painting competition at all. Its not that difficult anyway, just have to score their painting by creativity, originality and relevance to theme. Jo was questioning my ability to paint cos she was from arts stream and she has an easel at home. I can't be that bad otherwise I won't get several requests to commission their gundam model kits.

After the event, I was presented with a goodie bag. The first thought I had was NTU goodie bags, where most of the stuff are flyers and outdated magazines. When I checked it out, it was pretty awesome!!

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