Sunday, January 27, 2008

Best of Bootie Mashup CD

The Best of Bootie Mashup CD is available for download here
the best mashups of 2007 compiled and mixed by DJs Adrian & the Mysterious D

This is a continuous mix compilation CD, showcasing 20 of our favorite mashups from 2007. Compile in order with no gaps between the songs - perfect for parties!
America's first all-mashup club night, started in SF in 2003, now with monthly parties in the following cities: SAN FRANCISCO . LOS ANGELES .

1. Earworm - Bootie Intro

2. Party Ben - Galvanize The Empire (Chemical Brothers vs. John Williams) - San Francisco

3. A plus D - Pour Some Hot Sugar (Mims vs. Def Leppard) - San Francisco

4. Party Ben - Tender Umbrella (Rihanna vs. General Public) - San Francisco

5. Go Home Productions - Passenger Fever (Peggy Lee vs. Iggy Pop) - Watford, UK

6. DJ Moule - Sympathy For Teen Spirit (Rolling Stones vs. Queen vs. Nirvana) - Bordeaux, France

7. Copycat - Fade To Pretty Vacant (Visage vs. Sex Pistols vs. The Charlatans vs. Fun Lovin' Criminals vs. Nouvelle Vague) - Sweden

8. Matt Hite - Me & Yoo & Yazoo (Cassie vs. Yazoo) - San Francisco

9. Earworm - Funky Goes To Hollywood (Wild Cherry vs. Frankie Goes To Hollywood) - San Francisco

10. A plus D - Standing In The Way Of Connection (The Gossip vs. Elastica) - San Francisco

11. The Illuminoids with Donita Sparks - Pretend We're Alala (L7 vs. CSS) - Los Angeles

12. DJ Paul V. - Phantom On The Bottom (The Lady Tigra vs. Justice) - San Francisco

13. Earworm - Say It Right Away (Nelly Furtado vs. The Egg vs. Madonna) - San Francisco

14. team9 - Britney - Dead Or Alive? (Britney Spears vs. Dead Or Alive vs. Daft Punk) - Perth, Australia

15. King Of Pants - Detox (Amy Winehouse vs. Britney Spears) - Seattle

16. DJ Paul V. - Tequila Lip Gloss (Lil Mama vs. The Champs) - Los Angeles

17. Lobsterdust - Walkin' Out Yo Girlfriend (Unk vs. Avril Lavigne vs. Toni Basil) - New York City

18. A plus D - Don't Stop Believin' In Planet Rock (Journey vs. Afrika Bambaataa) - San Francisco

19. DJ Topcat - More Than On Point (House of Pain vs. Boston) - Seattle

20. Divide & Kreate - Illiterate City (Jackson 5 vs. Guns N' Roses) - Sweden

21. DJ Magnet - Love Comes Running Up That Hill Gently (Placebo vs. Pet Shop Boys vs. Kate Bush) - Denver

Here are more of our favorite mashups from 2007 that didn't quite fit into the 75-minute continuous mix, but we wanted you to have them.

A plus D - Celeshake (Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull vs. Kool & the Gang) - San Francisco

dj BC - 2 Live Supertramp Disco (2 Live Crew vs. Supertramp vs. Marvin Gaye) - Boston

ComaR - Mr. Jones In A Forest (Mike Jones vs. The Cure) - Paris

Fox - Hypnotized Gypsy (Plies feat. Akon vs. Fleetwood Mac) - San Francisco

Loo & Placido - Timba Funk Land (Timbaland vs. Daft Punk) - Paris

Party Ben - Every Car You Chase (Snow Patrol vs. The Police) - San Francisco

DJ Poly - Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seven Nation Army (Eurythmics vs. White Stripes) - Tel Aviv, Israel

Victor Menegaux - Feel Good Roboto 2 (Gorillaz vs. Styx) - Seattle

Wax Audio - Maiden Goes To Bollywood (Iron Maiden vs. Sunidhi Chauhan) - Sydney, Australia

DJ Zebra - Icky Thump Whole Lotta Funk (White Stripes vs. Led Zeppelin vs. DJ Zebra) - Paris

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