Thursday, January 3, 2008

Free Drum Beats...

Tonight me and a couple of bottles of wine had a date with Protools LE which is my favorite evening pastime. I have the BFD drum instrument and an Oxygen 8 keyboard, Ableton Live and Reason Adapted but not enough skillz (or a sufficiently hip hop drum sound so far) to make good drum loops. I'm getting better, but getting the bass and the drum to match up, (after wine especially) can be a challenge.

So tonight I went looking for drum loops, I typed in free drum loops Free beats hip hop beats and other similar things. I came up with several sites that promise free beats, and even a couple of places that have some free beats but make you register or pay a one time fee to get their beats.

I did find which, once I gave them my email address, came through with some free beats. By the time I got them, however, it was too late to mess with them and I have work in the morning. Also, I'm afraid Firefox may have downloaded a couple of the files to whoknowswhere on my 'puter.

So, if you have a good site for free drum beats, there's an old guy looking for some. post links under comments, thanks!

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