Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ghost Rider

Last night my wife and I tried to watch Ghost Rider but it was so incredibly dumb we had to turn it off about 50 minutes into it. Bad writing, slow pace, trying to make what should have been a fun action movie into something more than it is just killed the movie. I used to read Ghost Rider comics once in a while when I was a kid. I have no idea if the backstory presented in the movie is right though, because in my mind, Ghost Rider is supposed to be a ghost guy on a motorcycle fighting demons and bad guys and the occasional good guy. If they'd done that with this movie it would have been good, instead it was just a mess. (the scene with the demons showing up in the bar should have been the first scene, then cue the Ghost Rider for some action. If the writer insists on telling the whole "Johnny Blaze stuntman" background then it should have been done quickly as a flashback, not spend a whole really boring hour on it).
Casting former Easy Rider Peter Fonda as the devil was clever. Would have been more clever if he'd been the father of Johnny Blaze. The whole movie was like that, sort of a good idea all messed up by the writing.

And what is up with Nicholas Cage? When was the last time he made a good movie? The National Treasure series is just a horrendously mindless rip-off of the Davinci Code. Face Off may have been his last good film. (I know he won an award for Leaving Las Vegas but I hated that movie). I just saw in his IMDB credits that he played a role in Grindhouse, in the segment called Werewolf Women of the SS. I'm guessing that that must have been only in the complete Grindhouse release. I watched Death Proof and Planet Terror as separate DVD releases so I missed Werewolf Women and the other two segments Thanksgiving and Don't. He gets some points for being in anything related to Grindhouse, and extra points for playing Fu Manchu, but seriously, he needs to make a good movie like Raising Arizona again or he's off my Christmas Card list.

Directed by
Mark Steven Johnson

Writing credits
Mark Steven Johnson

Matt Long ... Young Johnny Blaze
Raquel Alessi ... Young Roxanne Simpson
Brett Cullen ... Barton Blaze
Peter Fonda ... Mephistopheles
Nicolas Cage ... Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider
Donal Logue ... Mack
Tony Ghosthawk ... Team Blaze #1
Hugh Sexton ... Team Blaze #2
Marcus Jones ... Team Blaze #3
Matt Norman ... Team Blaze #4
Lawrence Cameron Steele ... X Games Announcer (as Cameron Steele)
Wes Bentley ... Blackheart
Eddie Baroo ... Motorcycle Gang Member
Jessica Napier ... Broken Spoke Waitress
Laurence Breuls ... Gressil
Daniel Frederiksen ... Wallow
Mathew Wilkinson ... Abigor
Kirstie Hutton ... Amy Page
Eva Mendes ... Roxanne Simpson
Gibson Nolte ... Stuart
Ryan Johnson ... Waiter
Jonathan Oldham ... Motorcycle Cop (as Jonathon Oldham)
Peter Callan ... Station Master
Rebel Wilson ... Girl in Alley
Peter Barry ... The Mugger
Bruce Hughes ... Penance Stare Pharmacist
Rita Kalnejais ... Penance Stare Mugger’s Girlfriend
Sam Elliott ... Caretaker
David Roberts ... Captain Dolan
Arthur Angel ... Officer Edwards
Jason Raftopoulos ... Forensics Inspector
Brett Swain ... Guard
Duncan Young ... Skinhead
Joel Tobeck ... Redneck
Jacob Vanderpuije ... Innocent Young Man
Fabio Robles ... Priest
Marty Fields ... Surveillance Guard
Troy Planet ... Impound Worker
Charlie Garber ... Officer Mackie
Vittorio Scalise ... Window Cleaner
Richard Ian Cox ... Helicopter Pilot (as Richard Cox)
Ling Hsueh Tang ... News Reporter (as Ling-Hsueh Tang)
Estefanie Sousa ... Street Person

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