Monday, January 7, 2008

Handy Stacked Bins for Garage Storage

Recycling bins took up a bunch of space in my garage until I came up with a rack that keeps them accessible in a small amount of space.

The rack is a simple plywood box with an open front. I used 3/4"-thick plywood for the sides, top and bottom, and 1/4"-thick plywood for the back. The back helps make the cabinet square and holds it rigid.

I fastened 1x2 cleats (in pairs) to the inside of the sides to support the plastic containers. You could use about any type of plastic container as long as they are a consistent width and have a sturdy lip to hang on the cleats. (I used plastic laundry baskets from the local discount store.)

If the pop cans leave sticky spills in the bottom of the basket, I just rinse it out with the garden hose. I liked the idea so much that I built a second rack to hold all the kids' sporting goods, toys, and boots.

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