Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Hottest Television Moms Ever

I was doing research on the people who had appeared in Playboy with the television on, and many people in the list were on television at one point or another, and so it occured to me that I should do a fun and goofy list of hot television actresses. Then it hit me, because Bewitched was on, that I should do a list of hot television Moms. So, here it is, my TV MILF list.

I thought about adding some hot cartoon moms, like Wilma Flintstone, Betty Rubble, Marge Simpson, Maude Flanders, Jane Jetson, Jimmy Neutron's mom or Dexter's Mom, but decided that since there are many hot television moms and only a few spots on the list, the cartoon hotties will have to wait.

10. Maude. Played by Bea Arthur.

Ok, Just kidding. Can you imagine Bea Arthur in just heels and an apron?

10. Laura Petrie played by Mary Tyler Moore. Rob's wife. A stay-at-home mom and former dancer in the U.S.O. (where she met Rob). Mary Tyler More doesn't have a lot of sex appeal but I suspect Laura Petrie was wild in bed.

9. Carol Brady played by Florence Henderson. Carol Brady was hot and wore some seriously short little skirts. Wow oh wow. Just the chance to hang around the Brady House would have been a chance to see carol Brady in her panties as it must have been hard to sit and not show them off by accident once in a while. Let's not forget that hanging around the Brady House also meant a shot at hanging around with Marsha Brady,(marcia brady?) played by Maureen McCormick, possibly the hottest teen actress ever.

8. Carol Trainer played by Adrienne Barbeau. I was absolutely crazy about Adrienne Barbeau. I would have even slept with Maude to hang around in the daughter's presence.

7. June Cleaver played by Barbara Billingsly. See Mary Tyler Moore above, and you have the same reasons here for Mrs. Cleaver making the list. Plus, doing it with Mrs. Cleaver would be just so wrong!

6. Clair Huxtable played by Phylicia Rashad. You know, you know you know Mrs Huxtable was a serious tiger in the sack. How many kids did they have?

5. Wilhelmina Slater played by Vanessa Williams. Vanessa Williams will make any list I ever do of sexy women whether she's eligible or not (along with Barbara Eden and Jennifer Aniston).

4. Joy Darville played by Jamie Pressly. Trailer trash and super hot Mom.

3. Nancy Botwin played by Mary-Louise Parker. She's hot AND she has all the weed you want!

2. Morticia Addams played by Carolyn Jones. You KNOW some freaky things would go on here.

1. Tie Norma Arnold played by Alley Mills and Elyse Keaton played by Meredith Baxter or Meredith Baxter Birney.
These are so similar in their roles of the super hot nurturing blonde wholesome mom that I couldn't pick, so I went with both.

Honorable Mention: Harriet Nelson played by Harriet Hilliard, Donna Reed played by Donna Reed, Margaret Anderson played by Jane Wyatt, Lily Munster played by Yvonne De Carlo, Samantha Stevens played by Elizabeth Montgomery, Ann Romano played by Bonnie Franklin, Louise Jefferson played by Isabel Sanford, Marion Cunningham played by Marion Ross, Kitty Forman played by Debra Jo Rupp, Carmela Soprano played by Edie Falco
Ok, which hot TV mom did I miss?

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