Saturday, January 5, 2008

How To Choose the Right Paint

I actually thought about starting another blog with information on handy things around the house because I'm a handyman by trade. Instead I thought I'd post the occasional How to guide in this one. I hope you find them helpful!

For Exterior work
Select 100% acrylic latex (water-based) paints for exterior use. Latex provides a pliable finish that is reliable for exterior use.
For Interior Work
Select either latex or oil-based paints for interior purposes.
For interior/exterior walls, excluding kitchens and bathrooms
Use a flat sheen for interior/exterior walls, excluding kitchens and bathrooms. A flat sheen provides a non-light-reflective, rich finish.
For a flat finish in kitchens and bathrooms
Use low-luster (eggshell) sheen for a flat finish in kitchens and bathrooms. This is a durable and washable paint good for areas that are in contact with water. (Semigloss also works well for kitchens and bathrooms.)
For trim and woodwork
Use a semigloss, gloss or high-gloss paint for trim and woodwork. High-gloss is very light reflective (shiny), and is also easy to clean.

Tips & Such

* Latex paints are fast-drying and require only water for thinning and cleanup.
* Latex paints have fewer fumes and odors than oil-based paints.
* Oil-based paints are slow-drying and require mineral spirits for thinning and cleanup.
* Oil-based paints have strong, smelly fumes but are extremely durable.
* Oil-based paints are not generally used on exteriors because of the adverse effects of varying weather conditions.

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