Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Caucus Results- Huckabee and Obama

Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mike Huckabee won Iowa's party caucuses last night in the first presidential nomination contests of the 2008 campaign.

Senator Hillary Clinton, who has led national polls of Democratic voters, placed third behind ex-North Carolina Senator John Edwards.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who had led Iowa polls until last month, finished second in the Republican contest. Former Senator Fred Thompson edged Senator John McCain for third in the caucus vote.

In the Republican contest, in which actual votes are reported, Huckabee had 38,605 to Romney's 28,367 with 1,662 of 1,781 precincts reporting. Thompson was in third place with 15,044 votes. McCain, who had largely bypassed the state to concentrate on New Hampshire, followed with 14,749. Texas Representative Ron Paul followed with 11,232 votes.

Obama won 37.6 percent of the delegates selected in the caucuses with all of the state's 1,781 precincts reporting. He was followed by Edwards with 29.8 percent and Clinton's 29.5 percent support.

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