Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Manson is Nedley Mandingo III

If you listen to Bubba the Love Sponge on Sirius Satellite Radio, you'll know what I'm talking about. If not, you'll think I'm from mars. Manson IS Ned.

On Friday they played the first "episode" of the Bubba show on Sirius, and after having listened to it for two years, listening back to that first day, it was clear that Ned is just a rib. They had Bubba and Manson call Ned to negotiate Ned's contract. Manson? Why Manson? He's on the edge of the show, Spice Boy and Brent and Bubba do all the talking (Spice Boy was not part of the show at that point).

Well obviously they had Manson negotiate with Ned because it was scripted by Manson, since he does both voices (his own and Ned's). Listen to some of the parody songs and you'll hear Manson do some of his vocal range. Today they played a raindrops keep falling on my head parody because of Bubba confessing that sometimes he cries after sex. Listen to the vocals of the song, sung by Manson- some of the same timbre that produces Ned's voice is clearly there. And what's Ned's forte? Song parodies. Manson's? song parodies.

Some info about them from the website:
Nedley Mandingo III (formerly known as Ned Schnittt) is a radio personality on the Bubba the Love Sponge Show in Tampa, Florida

Manson has an industry-wide reputation for masterminding the best bits and parodies in the business. He possesses an amazing blend of exceptional singer/songwriter skills, a quick wit, and a deep knowledge of pop culture and current events, all of which he combines into creating extraordinary and timely satire material. Moreover, he does a tremendous array of spot-on voice impersonations, from President Bill Clinton to “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Because of Manson, the BTLS show consistently contains parody elements that can’t be matched.

Ned is the oldest of the show’s contributors, age-wise. He’s cranky, rude and abrasive, yet commands a very large and enthusiastic following of fans. Ned is widely recognized for his brilliant parody songs, but he really shines with his prank phone calls. Listeners never know quite what to expect on any given day from Ned, but they do know that he’ll end up making them laugh at some of his outlandish comments.

From wikipedia: Bubba the Love Sponge Clem (born Todd Alan Clem in Warsaw, Indiana on April 23, 1966) is a Tampa, Florida radio talk show host. His radio show can be heard on Howard 101, a channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. Prior to his satellite radio program, Bubba was a longtime fixture on Tampa Bay radio stations WFLZ-FM and WXTB.

Beginning initially on college radio station WISU in Terre Haute, Indiana, Bubba made his professional debut on April 1, 1985. After initially using "Rockin' Bubba Clem" as his on-air moniker, a fellow DJ gave Bubba the name "Bubba The Love Sponge" which became his permanent radio name. Bubba has trademarked the name, and he legally changed his name to Bubba The Love Sponge Clem in 1999.

By the time he was 25 years old, Bubba was doing morning drive radio in Chicago. He worked as a DJ in the CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio) and Top 40 fields, earning multiple national awards from Billboard Magazine for his work. Bubba moved around a great deal in his early years, as many DJs have to do, working in markets like Grand Rapids, Cincinnati, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Orlando.

Bubba began to develop his edgy style at WXXL in Orlando. After Bubba's contract with WXXL was not renewed, he moved to Chicago for a short stay as the morning man on the old Z-95 then to Milwaukee for a 6 month stint as the afternoon jock on WLUM, then onto Tampa's WFLZ-FM,known as The Power Pig 93.3 to work nights. It was there he began to draw national attention for his controversial style. One of Clem's more popular on-air bits was "No Panties Thursday." In Conjunction with doing nights on the Power Pig, but was also somewhat of a pioneer in Radio Voice Tracking/Syndication. While he was doing his show live on 93.3 the Power Pig in Tampa, he was also heard on several Rock Radio formats across America. He cut this show earlier in the day and they played it at night as if Bubba was actually in their city. While he was doing this, he also was heard late nights from 10p-midnight on WJBT, 92.7 "The Beat" in Jacksonville, Florida.

In December 1996, WXTB, known in Tampa as 98 Rock, hired Bubba for the morning drive time slot. That was a departure for Bubba from his usual pop radio environment, but he welcomed the new challenge. Clem was paired with comedy writer Mike "Manson" Waters to write sketches for Clem's show. "The Bubba the Love Sponge Show" rose quickly in the ratings, with Clem becoming something of a pop culture icon in the Tampa Bay area.

Clem often criticized local politicians and national leaders on issues when he disagreed with their views. Clem was also critical of a style of radio that he called "warm and fuzzy radio," which Clem claimed to be mind-numbing fluff. His brash style appealed primarily to blue-collar workers and long-haul truckers.

In 1997 Clem opened up "Planet Bubba," a nightclub in Clearwater, FL. He owned a series of restaurants and nightclubs in the Tampa Bay area, including Bubba's Ale House, Bubba's Beach Club in Ybor City, and Plush in Tarpon Springs, FL.

During January 2001, "The Bubba The Love Sponge Show" went into syndication. During its run in syndication, the show aired on stations in Jacksonville, Orlando, Hartford, West Palm Beach, Ft. Myers, Wichita, Shreveport and Macon. XM Satellite Radio carried the show as well, first on tape delay, and then live in east coast morning drive.

Radio & Records named Bubba the national Active Rock Personality/Show of the Year for 2002 and 2003. Many stations, however, declined to carry Clem's show when offered syndication rights due to its controversial nature. Bubba was also a 7 time Billboard Air personality of the year winner.

Pig killing controversy

Clem was arrested in 2001 with two hunters and executive producer Brent Hatley and prosecuted by Hillsborough County State Attorney Mark Ober on charges of animal cruelty after the hunters slaughtered a pig in an on-air event called "Bubba's Road Kill Barbecue." The suspicion of cruelty resulted from a replay button on his soundboard that was linked to a recorded group of boar feasting from a trough that Bubba played several times in succession, giving the impression that the pig was being brutally slaughtered.

In reality, Bubba had called the Florida Fish and Wildlife association before the show and was given the state statute regarding the legal and humane way to slaughter wild boar. Bubba instructed the regulations to be followed by having the boar slaughtered by the professional trapper who captured it under the supervision of two Tampa Police officers. Bubba and the others were acquitted by a six person jury in 52 minutes after a 2002 trial.

Clear Channel and FCC troubles

The Federal Communications Commission issued a Notice of Apparent Liability (a precursor to a fine) of $755,000 against four stations owned by Clear Channel Communications (including his parent station, WXTB) on January 27, 2004 for complaints made by a single individual made for broadcasts that all took place in 2001. The fine consisted of the maximum of $27,500 for each of 26 airings of a segment the FCC alleged were "designed to pander to, titillate and shock listeners", plus $40,000 for record-keeping violations.

Renewal; Return to Terrestrial Airwaves

On December 10, 2007, Bubba announced on The Howard Stern Show that his show would be with Sirius Satellite Radio on Howard 101 for another year. Also on that same date, Cox Radio announced that Bubba will begin broadcasting a live morning show from Tampa radio station WHPT (102.5 "The Bone") on January 8, 2008 that will be simulcast on Jacksonville, Florida radio station WFYV (104.5 FM). TAMPABAY.COM claims that BUBBA will be paid over $3 million combined annually for his two gigs.

Bubba's gig on Sirius has included some funny and shocking radio. His "shock the puss" bit, where he would use a dog shock collar on women's genitals drew many listeners. his regular guests, such as Gene Lasker and Hulk Hogan, keep the show very entertaining.
Here's the sort of things they do:
Hour 1

Today’s show begins with various banter regarding which guys on the show have been rimmed by their significant others, Spice’s affinity for preggo porn and Bubba’s admission to having cried after sex. Then we play a classic bit regarding an old girlfriend of Bubba’s that gets some heat thrown toward Spiceboy.

Hour 2

Bubba plays a classic call from his very first program director who apparently used to schedule Bubba’s time slot so that she could go to Bubba’s apartment and bang his roommate. Then Dr. Mark stops by the studio for the usual discussion of men’s health issues and health supplements.

Hour 3

After explaining his desire to be the “fuhrer” of the Bubba Army, the gang gives Bubba a history lesson regarding the German Nazi movement of the mid-twentieth century. Then, after taking a call from a customer upset over her merch order being shipped late, 25 Cent is called into the studio and interrogated over his recent attitude that puts him sparely on the chip.

Hour 4

Spice accidentally drop let’s the cat out of the bag regarding Big Dick’s return to smoking pot which gets him called into the studio to explain his recent marijuana usage before Bubbba calls The Ferret for an update on his current whereabouts in Vegas while having lunch with friend of the show Stormy Daniels.

Hour 1

Billy Vegas calls in and confirms rumors that Bubba is plastered all over the Hard Rock Casino in preparation for the Vegas show followed by Vegas resident and friend of the show TJ Lavin who happened to be listening in and calls to invite the gang out while in Nevada. Next, Bubba calls Rob Kahn in an attempt to set up a match between Monstah Lobstah and a nationally ranked high school wrestler twenty ponds lighter than him.

Hour 2

We play the classic bit “Star Wars Jeopardy” before Ned serves up his latest parody of Lil’ Wayne’s “I Feel Like Dying” which Bubba immediately shoots down as possibly the worst bit ever produced the senior sensation.

Hour 3

Bubba’s attorney Kevin Hazlett stops by the studio and weighs in on trials in the media spotlight and also reveals how many DUI charges he has buried for Ned in the last decade or so. After which, we get to Wednesday’s Unsigned Band Review featuring Rain, who gets the gavel treatment, and Graveside, a rap group whose members were ironically enough were all gunned down in a recent shooting.

Hour 4

We end today’s show with two girls from Déjà Vu coming into the studio and discuss the rules of dancing and patronizing a fully nude strip club and the proper attire for getting the member scrubbed during a dance.

Unfortunately, for unknown contractual reasons, neither one are able to get nude for reason and Bubba dismisses them from the studio.


billybro1999 said...

dude you are smoking some serious stuff. I have personally met ned and manson and the entire cast and I can without a doubt tell you that manson is NOT ned. I live in the area they are based out of and have seen and met them on several occasions.

weebil28 said...

I will forever hate SFN for pointing out that Manson is Ned. Thats whre I read it first and it really was like finding out about Santa all over again. Since then I've seen clips on Bubba Raw where Ned is nowhere in the studio but Manson is and yet Ned speaks.

speedpimp said...

Ned is as real as Donnie Baker. You gotta learn how to work, kid.

Anthony said...

On wikipedia it says that for photo shoots and appearances Mansons father in law poses as Ned. And for the Bubbapalooza your Manson is in a costume playing Ned. I just found this out and previous posts are right, it was like finding out about Santa Clause all over again.

Les said...

do you know where I can find Ned's contract rider.. the one with all the crazy items he requires for appearances?

indianscott said...

It don't matter it's a great fuckin show !

ChilipickerJR said...

Saying Ned is manson is like saying Wrestling isn't real. We all know it we just go along with it cause its good entertainment.

Padrerob said...

Santa is real, and so is Ned!

*chrys starr*™ said...

Personally, I don't know what you feel that you accomplished by pointing out this fact. It doesn't matter to me if Ned is real. It doesn't matter to me if he's fake. What matters is the fact that Ned makes me laugh. He's a character, just like the rest of those guys on the show. They all play their parts in playing a role.

You wanna know what I think? I think you have too much time on your hands. I also think that you need to get laid.