Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Multitools by Leatherman- The Handiest Tools Ever

While I'm talking about tools I just got, let me talk a little bit about a new tool I got when I ordered my new lithium ion powered Makita. I got the new Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool and let me tell you this thing is the best tool I may own.
You can check it out by clicking the link, or hang around here while I babble about my new tool and all the other great Leatherman products I love.
Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool

One of the things I like about all of the Leatherman products is that they are tough, with stainless steel handles with Carbon-fiber handle scale and Tungsten DLC Scratch-resistant Coating. This new model has Outside-accessible blades which means, just like a pocket knife, it can be opened with one hand, quick-style. At a mere five ounces, this is the lightest full-size multi-tool on the market and it has a 25-YEAR WARRANTY!

The Skeletool CX has a large knife blade that can be accessed while the tool is closed; to open it, just place your thumb in the thumbhole at the base of the blade and rotate it out until it's fully extended -- which will engage the safety lock. This locking mechanism is noted with a padlock symbol on the tool. To unlock the blade, press the locking mechanism towards the handle until the blade slides past the lock. Equipped with a universal bit driver, the Skeletool offers real utility options like no other multitool. To change the tool bits, simply unfold the tool and remove the bit from the bit driver -- and pop it out. And replacing bits is just as easy. Just press a new one into position and you're good to go. There's even a spare bit located in the handle side opposite the knife blade. This tool includes the following bits: Phillips #1 and #2, screwdriver 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch.

For a long time I used my Leatherman Crunch tool, and I will still carry it from time to time, but I may just retire it to my truck or toolbox and carry the new Skeletool. If you're in the market for a tough as hell Leatherman, I swear by the Crunch.
Leatherman 68010103K Crunch Pocket Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath

Finally. If you're wearing fancy pants or don't want to carry the big dog but don't want to risk getting caught out on the road without any tools, try one of the tiny Leatherman Micras. I've been carrying mine around for three or four years. I may have misplaced it a few times, but I've always found it. Once they tried to take it away from me at an airport, and I had to mail it home, so don't try to fly with it.
That's actually the good thing about it, it's so small you forget you're carrying it. (I would have packed it in my luggage had I remembered it was in my pocket) but it has all the most basic tools you need to survive (Knife and bottle opener, the other tools are gravy). LEATHERMAN Micra SS Leather Sleeve GIFT BOX Model 64010212K there's the fancy one if you're thinking of giving one as a gift, and here's the regular one. You'll never find a better deal for a tool or knife for just $17.00 Leatherman 64010103K Micra Multitool

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