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Scientology Protest For February 10

A friend of mine is a reporter in Second Life and she received the following notecard from a very earnest man looking to publicize a planned February 10th protest of all things related to Scientology. He said that all attempts to publish information criticizing Scientology are taken down by lawyers, which is why my friend passed this on to me to read.

First is sort of an informational bit on who the protesters are:

CNN News Team
A very large group of people on the internet has declared a "war" on the Church of Scientology. They call themselves Anonymous. While many feel this group is a bunch of hackers, their manifesto displays them as a large group of people, some very computer literate and others not so much, that fight for the freedom of knowledge and information. Many other people have tried to uncover the truth about the Church of Scientology, but have failed. The Church sends out cease and desist orders to anyone who tries to bash their reputation. They have a history of uncovering secret details in people's lives, revealing secrets to the public in order to bash their critics, and straight up stalking all enemies. They have had a "fair game" policy on all critics. "Enemies of the church could be injured, tricked, sued, lied to or destroyed. Fair game." - L. Ron Hubbard (Creator of the Church and the religion.) This is a threat to the freedom of information and knowledge that Anonymous is fighting for.

Anonymous has nothing against the religion of Scientology, although they may poke fun at some of the more interesting concepts, they believe in freedoms and they are not trying to fight the Freedom of Religion. Their fight is strictly against the Church of Scientology's illegal actions. The websites associated with Anonymous have been attacked frequently, ordered to be silenced by the church's lawyers, and some have been taken down. The Church has some of the best lawyers and has members in many government agencies. They are currently tax exempt under the claim that they are a non-profit organization. But how can a Church that charges its members for sermons/sessions/audits claim to be non-profit? As goofy, outlandish, and crazy as it sounds, they infiltrated the IRS and got the exempt status from the inside. How have they not been caught? Some have... Some have gone to jail for fraud, including L. Ron Hubbard himself. It can cost up to $300 per session, and over $300,000 for their complete series of sessions and audits.
What else is the Church of Scientology guilty of? Murder. Scientologists don't practice modern medicine, they believe psychiatry is a false science that kills, and they have their own ways of curing ailments. They claim that the cause of every ailment one suffers comes from the mind (it's all in your head type of stuff.) They have had frequent cases where they take followers who NEED modern care off of their medication. Instead they give them vitamins and auditing sessions. The result, depending on the ailment, can be fatal. MANY deaths have occurred in the Church of Scientology's headquarters in Clearwater; FL. Documents of these deaths can be found at

The next wave of this war is peaceful protest. On February 10th, there will be protests around the globe at Churches of Scientology. February 10th, the birth date of the woman who suffered one of the most controversial deaths caused by the Church of Scientology, Lisa McPherson. Want to do something about the Church of Scientology's illegal reign in the world? Post a broad cast CNN about our protest worldwide Feb 10. Spread the word. Attend a protest. Do some research?
Attached to this letter are a few protest fliers and posters. Look at them.
Check out the following websites!, on regards to the websites, there are more and there used to be a lot more, but these two are some of the only ones that have been able to survive the Church of Scientology's legal team, disclosure of additional sites may result in them being taken down. So use for research. Try searching the following things: "Truth about Scientology," "Scientology and Me BBC," "Scientology Documents," "Scientology Secrets."

Don't believe the previous websites or this Letter? Then why believe anything at all?
Also, we are writing to get the word spread, CNN seemed a great start. The Church of Scientology may have been able to shut down Anonymous site, but they can't shut down a mass CNN Broadcast on local news or video. Please help anonymous deal with this problem; we are not hackers full of steroids blowing up yellow vans. We are stopping a dangerous cult, Please Help us get the word out to the public about this cult.

Thank you for your time, Anonymous

The next part was a letter to the church I guess.
Dear Scientology,

You are scum. You are the lowest of the low. Whether or not you believe an inkling of the impossible nonsense you trot out to masquerade as a religion, you are still guilty of the willing and knowing destruction of countless lives. You are charlatans of the highest order, and must be stopped in the name of reason, justice, honesty, and every other basic human virtue. You have committed innumerable treacheries against fellow people. You charge exorbitant sums of money for what you claim is enlightenment. All texts and practices associated with gaining a greater understanding of your belief system require ludicrous sums of cash. Your entire Church’s structure is designed to ensnare those who invest in attempting to progress in the faith you promise them, and continue to drain them of money. Your greed is clearly evidenced in the carrot-and-stick methodology of cementing the faith of your constituency. The further ones gets, the more one has been coerced into spending, and will go on spending so as not to lose face. What you claim is a hierarchy of faith is but a thinly veiled pyramid scheme to those who are not clouded in judgment by your lies. You hide behind state and religion to make a quick buck. Anonymous feels it is time to shut you down. You don't need to pay money in order to cleanse your soul. This is not a religion it is a worldwide scam.

Many understand you do whatever it takes to steal money from as many people as you can. The 500$ stress test, or the 200,000$ to join scientology, does it sound like a religion? Anonymous thinks not. You believe Tom Cruise is your god; Money cannot buy religion, as you feel it does. You can contact Microsoft, You can create a patch, but you will not stop Anonymous. We have infiltrated your Cult. Inside Spies are allowing us to know your every move. We are not attacking the people of Scientology, but thus its followers and what you have lead them to believe. We are here to inform people of your actions. Operation “freak-out”, Operation “Snow-White” and to know about former members of Scientology's private navy, SeaOrg, who were forced to have abortions so that they could continue in service to the church. We understand you have lots of money, we understand you make people buy religion; we understand you can persuade the government with money and free audits. That will not stop Anonymous, Anonymous will not fail. We will keep attacking until the people know and understand you are a dangerous cult, the deaths of Lisa McPherson, Josephus A. Havenith, and the many others that Scientology has lead to their deaths will not remain in vain. We will stand up united and laugh at Scientology as anonymous watches your sites, and your members leave. We will listen to the wise beard man; we will attack you by your weaknesses. We will hit you where it will hurt the most, your tax Exempt, Letters to CNN about scientology, Letters to the senator. We will infiltrate and destroy.

Many may not know what Anonymous is, many may believe we are hackers on steroids, after the truth is exposed about Scientology, we will grow, in mass numbers. For everyone that falls, ten more rise up to power. Be very wary of the 10th of February. Anonymous invites you to join us in an act of solidarity. Anonymous invites you to take up the banner of free speech, of human rights, of family and freedom. Join us in protest outside of Scientology centers worldwide. Send letters to CNN, to your local news cast or radio station, Talk to your senator, Hold small protest’s at a Scientology church near you. We will take Scientology down legally, and in a safe manner. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We will be heard. Expect us.
I've always heard that Scientology is a deal where you pay and pay and pay and eventually become a church insider and learn the ultimate secret- that we were born from aliens. I think it's all pretty creepy, but if it makes people happy to follow them, more power to them. Like the Mormons, I personally have a hard time following a group that was just sort of started by a normal person (and a shady one at that, in both cases), but people like music and foods I don't like or understand, so I let them role how they roll.

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