Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sheri Moon Zombie and Werewolf Women of the SS

In discovering the short segment "Werewolf Women of the SS" while writing about how deeply in the toilet Ghost Rider has put Nicolas Cage with me, I saw that one of the stars of the segment is named Sheri Moon Zombie. As a big fan of all things zombie, (well, except the music of Rob Zombie) I had to look her up. Wow is she a total babe, and a fun babe too. Check this out, it's from a website that a fan has set up about her. (and it's a great site, by the way).

Fans may adore her as one of the most iconic female serial killers to emerge on the modern horror scene, but in real life, Sheri Moon Zombie is more likely to be baking cupcakes than toying with her victims. In fact, Sheri looks more like the girl next door than a dangerous killer-she is truly a genuinely friendly, down-to-earth person who loves talking to her fans. Sheri's innocent good looks are actually integral to the role she plays as Vera-Ellen "Baby" Firefly in the 2005 cult favorite The Devil's Rejects: Sheri explains, "Baby is the bait for her psychotic family to lure victims. She ultimately has higher aspirations of Hollywood stardom but is stuck with her redneck, mass-murdering family."

It was the 5'10" blonde's good looks and charming personality that first caught the eye of Robert Wolfgang Zombie-the former lead singer and mastermind behind the hard rock band White Zombie. Although Sheri tends to be demure about her personal life, she has explained that she and Rob were introduced by a mutual friend and had pizza and water on their first date at Toad's Place in New Haven Connecticut. It was love at first sight, and Sheri attests that the two of them have not been apart for more than 13 days since their first date.

Maybe I should start listening to Rob Zombie?

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