Tuesday, January 15, 2008

St Malo,

Saint MALO

Also known as
Maclovius; Machutus
15 November
Convert. Baptized by and spiritual student of Saint Brendan. Monk at Llancarrven Abbey. One of the monks on the famous Voyage of Saint Brendan. Immigrant to Brittany. Worked with Saint Aaron. First bishop of Aleth. Missionary to and established churches in the area of Brittany now named Saint-Malo in his honor. Driven from the area to Saintes by opponents to his mission.
c.520 in Wales
15 November c.620 at Archingeay

St. Malo
Feastday: November 15

Welsh bishop andmissionaryto Brittany, France. He is also called Machutis and Maclou. Malo was born near Llancarfan, Wales, and became a monk under St. Brendan, going with him to Brittany. He founded a center at Aleth, now called Saint-Malo. Pagan opposition forced him and his fellow monks to move to Saintes, France, where he is regarded as a bishop. Malo was recalled to Aleth but died on the way.

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