Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ubuntu Desktop Essentials Online

Following from unbridled success on servers, Linux has now begun a full scale assault on the desktop. Amongst the distributions at the forefront of the Linux desktop revolution is Ubuntu. Each iteration of Ubuntu brings more features and ease of use to the Linux desktop environment. There are two primary variants of the Ubuntu. One is based on the KDE desktop environment and is called Kubuntu. The default Ubuntu distribution (called simply Ubuntu) is based on the GNOME desktop. This book is about the Ubuntu implementation of the GNOME desktop and is part of the Techotopia Linux Desktop series of online books. Ubuntu Desktop Essentials is the companion book to the Ubuntu Linux Essentials Techotopia online publication and is designed to cover everything that a user needs to know to use and customize the Ubuntu GNOME desktop. In terms of usability, guided tour provides a detailed overview of the how the desktop works. The book then provides step by step tutorials covering every aspect of customizing the desktop, from changing the background and desktop themes to activating and configuring the new Compiz Fusion desktop visual effects. Chapters are also dedicated to topics such as changing fonts, setting up keyboard shortcuts, enhancing the desktop with desklets, configuring and saving sessions and customizing the file manager. On completion of this book the reader will be confidently using all aspects of the Ubuntu desktop in addition to having the desktop configured exactly as they want it.

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