Monday, January 7, 2008

Video Game Reviews

Xbox 360
Rated "T"
for Teen

Madden NFL 08 is here and along with it comes all the bone-rattling hits and show-stopping catches we've come to love from our favourite football franchise. This year you can expect even more big plays with all new jukes, catches and tackles as well as a branching system to make that touchdown look that much better. With Madden NFL 08 hitting all the major consoles you can expect more of what you've come to love from the Madden series.

PlayStation 3
and Xbox 360
Rated "T"
for Teen

The new Dynasty Warriors: Gundam adds a new twist. With three game play modes: Official, Original and Versus, you're going to need mobile suits and there are over 15 to choose from and more than 12 pilots with special abilities and power-ups. You'll have to upgrade your mobile suit as you play so you can salvage parts from the enemies you destroy. In the Versus mode you can fight it out oil TV or take the fight online as well. So get ready because the fight is about to start in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

PlayStation 3 Download
(PlayStation Network Store)
Rated "E" for Everyone

Super Stardust HD is the third dual-joystick shooter to hit PlayStation 3 but don't let that turn you away. Super Stardust HD is the best game so far. It's up to you to use your spaceship to stop the asteroids from destroying the planets, and with many planets under your protection, things can get pretty hectic, fast. A co-op mode lets you and your buddy save the world one rock at a time.

Xbox 360
Rated 12 plus

Flatout returns with Flatout: Ultimate Carnage, and it's back for the first time on the next-gen console. This time with more than 40 cars to race, smash or crash, 39 tracks and about 8,000 breakable objects per track. Now, with 12 computer-controlled cars on the track you're going to have to fight for every inch you drive. The arcade challenge mode returns with all your favourites, including online play.

Nintendo Wii
Rated "E"

Making full use of the motion-sensitive Wii remote in tile new Mercury Meltdown Revolution will be challenging; guiding the blob through eight labs, each with 16 levels. Once you've worked your way through, there are five unlockable party games. These games are more than just add-ons; they're challenging and entertaining, making it the best puzzle game for the Wii to date.

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