Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bernadine of Siena Patron Saint of Gambling Addiction

Also known as
Bernadino; Bernardine of Siena; Bernardino
20 May
Friar Minor. Priest. Itinerent preacher. Theological writer. His preaching skills were so great, and the conversions so numerous, that he has become associated with all areas of speaking, advertising, public relations, etc.

Bernardino's charismatic preaching filled the piazze of Italian cities. Thousands of listeners flocked to hear him and to participate in dramatic rituals, which included collective weeping, bonfires of vanities, and exorcisms. He was a renowned peacemaker, in the Franciscan tradition, who tried to calm feuding clans and factions in the turbulent political world of the Renaissance. His preaching visits would often culminate in mass reconciliations, as listeners were persuaded to exchange the bacio di pace, or kiss of peace.

Bernardino was sensitive to the demands of secular life, and tried to negotiate between Christian ethics and a conflicting code of honor that stressed retaining face in a public world. He argued that the catalyst of civil discord in the urban setting was malicious gossip, which led to insults, and, too often, vendetta by aggressive males. His surprising allies in his peacekeeping mission were the women who comprised the majority of his audience.
1380 at Massa di Carrara, Italy
1444 at Aquila, Italy
Patron Saint of advertisers; Patron Saint of advertising; Patron Saint of against hoarseness; Patron Saint of Aquila, Italy; Patron Saint of chest problems; Patron Saint of communications personnel; Patron Saint of compulsive gambling; Patron Saint of diocese of San Bernardino, California; Patron Saint of gambling addicts; Patron Saint of Italy; Patron Saint of lung problems; Patron Saint of lungs; Patron Saint of public relations personnel; Patron Saint of public relations work; Patron Saint of respiratory problems; Patron Saint of Trevignano Romano, Italy; Patron Saint of uncontrolled gambling

Prayer to Saint Bernadine of Siena

Dear Saint of the Franciscan Order, you were a tireless preacher of God's Saving Word. By your growing love for Jesus you spread that love all around, advertising his Holy Name. Be kind to advertisers in our frantic times. Make them broadcast only what is true and what can serve the well-being of humankind, while doing all for the glory of God. Amen.

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