Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Saturday was a beautiful day -- indoors and out. Lydia and I went for a walk in the morning. The wind was chilly, but the sun was shining and there was even some melting. Ben worked in the basement on the sump pump and in the garage on the snowblower. I spent several hours going through drawers in the kids' room, removing clothes that are too small; and going through lots of boxes in the attic -- finding a good number of spring/summer clothes for both Silas and Lydia. Ben and I worked on re-arranging the attic a bit while Eric watched the kids for us. I even did some baking/cooking in the afternoon when I almost had the house to myself. Yes, a very GOOD day.

And then ...

We were awakened this morning by the phone, just before 7am. It was a fellow church member, calling to tell us church was canceled for today. We could hear the ice pellets hitting the window, and the report on the radio didn't sound very travel-friendly. Since our Pastor comes from near Waterloo, our members didn't feel it was safe for him to be going back and forth, let alone anyone else out traveling. The rain/sleet quickly turned to snow and it was a near-blizzard with the howling wind. The snow kept falling and accumulating .. getting deeper and deeper. It was BAD!

Finally about 4pm the snow stopped falling, so Ben attempted to clear the sidewalk. It was the wet, heavy snow, sticking to the shovel (snow blower wasn't fixed from Saturday) ... so he drove to the phone office to borrow their snowblower. The wet, heavy snow clogged it up several times, but at least we now have a path from the house to the garage. Not that we were going anywhere ... too UGLY outside for us!

But there was more GOOD ... Ben taught Sunday School for Silas and Lydia at our dining room table -- the story of Nicodemus. We had three yummy meals since I had extra time and help today. And Ben and Eric got some insulation into the basement on the West wall.

Now if we could just get the temps to increase a little and the wind to stop blowing so hard, we could put this wet snow to good use and build a fantastic snowman! Maybe tomorrow!

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