Thursday, February 7, 2008

John Fogerty Revival

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1. John Fogerty Don't You Wish It Was True 4:11
2. John Fogerty Gunslinger 3:31
3. John Fogerty Creedence Song 3:49
4. John Fogerty Broken Down Cowboy 3:51
5. John Fogerty River Is Waiting 3:22
6. John Fogerty Long Dark Night 3:07
7. John Fogerty Summer Of Love 3:19
8. John Fogerty Natural Thing 4:00
9. John Fogerty It Ain't Right 1:49
10. John Fogerty I Can't Take It No More 1:39
11. John Fogerty Somebody Help Me 4:27
12. John Fogerty Longshot 3:37

The self-referential title of Fogerty's first album in three years is no mere play on words; this is as close as he's gotten in a long while to duplicating the loose swamp blues, country, folk, soul and rock that he so memorably created a template for in Creedence Clearwater Revival. Thankfully the advertisement for downloaded ringtones in the disc's booklet is the only contemporary influence creeping into this stripped-down set of rootsy rockers and ballads. Fogerty's voice sounds great throughout; passionate, more committed and comfortable with these songs than he has seemed in years. His material has often leaned towards politics, especially as it concerns the working class, but seldom as directly as on the gutsy choogle of "Long Dark Night" and the rollicking "I Can’t Take it No More." He seems like a cranky dad on "It Ain't Right," railing about spoiled pop tarts in the spotlight, and "Summer of Love"'s look back at the titular time in the late '60s falls on the schlock side. But Fogerty charges into "Longshot" like the angry young man of "Fortunate Son," singing "I ain't got no 'ristocrats a-hangin' in my tree" with an assurance and intensity that reaches through the speakers and grabs the listener. Just like in the old days.

Product Description
John's new album is a triumph, with a sound that is at once timeless yet urgently rooted in this time and place. The lyrics recall a continuous conversation with America, a reminder of John's unmatched ability to resonate with people from all walks of life. With a voice that can cut glass and inspire generations, and a band that sounds like it came to tear the roadhouse down, 'Revival' is not just a great John Fogerty album -- and a great rock album -- it's an essential musical work by an artist without peer, that will certainly stand as one of the most compelling albums of 2007.

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