Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kristina Soderbaum

Kristina Söderbaum (Stockholm, Sweden September 5, 1912 - Hitzacker, Germany February 12, 2001) was a Swedish-born German film actress, producer and photographer. From 1935, she starred in a number of films with her husband, director Veit Harlan. During World War II she acted in several works of Nazi propaganda, including the anti-semitic historical melodrama Jud Süß. Due to her tendency to commit suicide by drowning in those films, she earned the nickname Reichswasserleiche (Water Corpse of the Reich). After the war Söderbaum became a noted fashion photographer. In 1983 she wrote an autobiography Nichts bleibt immer so. Her last film was with Hugh Grant in the thriller Night Train to Venice in 1994.

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