Thursday, February 7, 2008

List of geometric shapes- The Random Button

After researching the martyrs of Japan I was feeling a little down, so I hit the random button at wikipedia and was taken straight to a fun list: geometric shapes. I'll do some follow up research on what these actually are!

Generally composed of straight line segments

* polygon
o concave polygon
o constructible polygon
o convex polygon
o cyclic polygon
o decagon
o digon
o dodecagon
o enneagon
o equiangular polygon
o equilateral polygon
o henagon
o hendecagon
o heptagon
o hexadecagon
o hexagon
+ Lemoine hexagon
o icosagon
+ swastika
o octagon
o pentagon
o regular polygon
+ regular decagon
+ regular octagon
+ regular pentagon
o star without crossing lines
o star polygon
+ decagram
+ octagram
+ star of Lakshmi (octagram)
+ heptagram
+ star of David, hexagram
+ pentagram
* triangle
o acute triangle
o anticomplementary triangle
o equilateral triangle
o excentral triangle
o isosceles triangle
o medial triangle
o obtuse triangle
o rational triangle
o right triangle
+ 30-60-90 triangle
+ isosceles right triangle
+ Kepler triangle
o scalene triangle
o Reuleaux triangle
* parallelogram
o equilateral parallelogram: rhombus
+ Lozenge
o rhomboid
* Penrose tile
* rectangle
* rhombus
* square
* trapezium
o isosceles trapezium
* quadrilateral
o cyclic quadrilateral, tetrachord
o kite
o tangential quadrilateral
o trapezoid
+ isosceles trapezoid
* polydrafter


* annulus
* arbelos
* circle
o disc
o Archimedes' circle
o Bankoff circle
o circumcircle
o excircle
o incircle
o nine-point circle
* circular sector
* circular segment
* crescent
* various lemniscates
* lune
* oval
* Reuleaux polygon
* rotor
o lens, vesica piscis (fish bladder)
o Reuleaux triangle
* sphere
* semicircle
* triquetra
* Yin-Yang

Not composed of circular arcs

* Archimedean spiral
* astroid, paracycle, cubocycloid
* deltoid
* ellipse
* smoothed octagon
* super ellipse
* tomahawk

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