Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

Birth: 63 B.C.
Death: 12 B.C.
Nationality: Roman
Occupation: Statesman, Army Officer

63?-12 B.C. Roman general and statesman. Son-in-law and deputy of Emperor Augustus, whom he aided in gaining power; probably tribune of the plebs (43 B.C.); praetor urbanus (40); suppressed disorders in Gaul and Germany (38); consul (37). Appointed Augustus's naval commander; defeated Sextus Pompeius at Mylae and Naulochus (36); with Augustus in Dalmatian campaign (35-34); aedile (33); largely responsible for naval victory over Anthony at Actium (31); consul (28, 27). Succeeded Marcellus as chief minister (23);governor in the East (from 23); subdued Cantabrians in Spain (19-18); again imperial governor in the East (17-12)

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