Sunday, February 17, 2008

Milena Velba

Happy Birthday today to Milena Velba (born July 19, 1970 in Ústí nad Labem, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech nude glamor model, remarkable for having one of the world's largest natural busts. Velba was born and raised in Ústí nad Labem, an industrial city in northwestern Czechoslovakia. Her father was a building engineer involved in a majority of the architecture dominating Usti's factory and chemical plant district. She developed an interest in motorcycle riding from a love interest in her teen years that would become a lifelong hobby. After her traditional schooling, Velba studied chemistry with a goal of working in her father's company. She is currently single, and lives in Germany. In October 2003, a friend suggested posing as a topless model on Nadine Jansen's website. Jansen, another large breast topless model expressed interest in Velba and quickly offered her a spot as a guest model on a sub-site of her own. Velba's first web appearance triggered such a flood of emails that she started her own website in the spring of 2004. Her website offers over three years of archived photos and several dozen videos. Two DVDs, entitled Milk and Bikes and Bras, were subsequently released. The DVD Milk was most notable for featuring Velba performing lactation and adult breastfeeding as its main subjects - hence the choice of title used for the DVD. Her official website still refers to her ability to lactate; however, she is now unable to do so. Even so, adult breastfeeding remains one of the most common photographic subjects on Velba's official website. In one video on her website, Milena weighed her breasts on a food scale with help from Nadine Jansen. Each breast weighed between 5.5 and 6.0 pounds (Nadine incorrectly said "kilos" because she looked at the wrong dial) but could actually be even heavier.

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