Tuesday, February 19, 2008

St. Barbatus

St. Barbatus
Feastday: February 19
Bishop of Benevento, Italy. He was born in Italy about 612 and was ordained in Marcona. Sent to Benevento, Barbatus evangelized and converted many. When the city was put under siege by Byzantine Emperor Constans II in 663, Barbatus predicted that the assault would end. When peace came, Barbatus was named bishop of Benevento. He attended the Council of Constantinople in 680. lie died in Benevento on February 29.

Also known as
Barbas of Benevento
19 February
Priest at an early age. Fiery preacher whose flock turned on him because of his zeal; he finally resigned his parish and returned home. There he fought against a resurgent paganism involving the worship of a golden viper and animal skin hung in a tree. For unrelated reasons, the army of Emperor Constans, besieged Benevento; the locals soon listened to the preacher, renounced their errors, and stopped their idolatrous practices. Barbatus assured them that the siege would end; it did. The saint cut down the tree with his own hand, and melted down the golden viper to make a chalice for the altar. Bishop on 10 March 663. Eradicated superstition in the state. Assisted in a council called by Pope Agatho at Rome in 680. Attended the Sixth General Council held at Constantinople against the Monothelites in 681.
c.610 at Benevento, Italy
29 February 682 at Benevento, Italy
Benevento Italy

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