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Survivor Contestants Season 2 The Australian Outback

Name Age Hometown Season Finish
Debb Eaton 45 Milan, NH Australia 16 16th
Kel Gleason 32 Fort Hood, TX Australia 15 15th
Maralyn Hershey 51 Wakefield, VA Australia 14 14th
Mitchell Olson 23 Union City, NJ Australia 13 13th
Kimmi Kappenberg 28 Ronkonkoma, NY Australia 12 12th
Michael Skupin 38 White Lake, MI Australia 11 11th
Michael Skupin (once Michael Landry, born January 29, 1962 near Detroit, Michigan) is a reality show contestant and computer software developer. He is a co-founder of Rhinosoft Interactive, a maker of Christian-based computer software. He is currently best-known as a contestant in Survivor: The Australian Outback, and the first contestant in the American show's history to be MEDEVACed from the show due to a medical emergency. The second was Bruce Kanegai, a contestant in Survivor's 12th season, Survivor: Panama, and Gary Stritesky from Survivor's 14th season, Survivor: Fiji was the third.

Michael, who is known as "Mike" or "Scoop" among his friends, is married, and has seven children ages 19 to 1. His father died of cancer (at age 28) when he was four years old. His mother married baseball coach Clarence Landry when he was about 10 years old, and for a few years he took the last name as well. However, his name was never legally changed, and he reverted to Skupin during high school.

Michael appeared on Survivor: The Australian Outback in 2001, where he was a member of the Kucha tribe. One of the incidents he is known for is a well-publicized hunt he undertook where he killed a small wild boar, then painted his face with the boar's blood. That event was overshadowed, however, by his medical-related departure on Day 17. He was stoking a fire at the Kucha camp after a Reward Challenge victory, when he inhaled smoke and passed out, falling forward into the fire pit. As a result, he suffered second and third degree burns on his face, hands and chest which necessitated his evacuation and removal from the game. Tina Wesson later went on to say that had this not happened, she would have lost the season. Michael never received a single vote against himself.

He created the charity Victory Over Addiction in 2001 to help combat drug addiction among children.

Nowadays, Mike serves as vice president of sales for Premier Business.

Jeff Varner 34 New York, NY Australia 10 10th

Jeff Varner (born April 16, 1966) is a news anchor, a former entertainment reporter, and a former contestant on the CBS reality television series, Survivor: The Australian Outback

Jeff was raised on a tobacco farm in Greensboro, North Carolina. He played right defense for a hockey team in the local youth hockey league. He participated in Tae Kwon Do classes soon after. He attended Southern Guilford High School, where he was active in student government and theatre arts. He later went on to earn a journalism degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jeff was a contestant on Survivor: The Australian Outback, 2001 . He was a member of the Kucha tribe, and made it to the merge, but not the core group of nine, as there was a tie between him and Colby Donaldson. At the time, in the event of a tie, previous tribal council votes would be used. Jeff had two but knew only of one, Colby had zero.

Tina Wesson once referred to him as a "little devil" because he delighted in tormenting his opposition.

During the show, Jeff's luxury item was a coloring book and a set of crayons. The Survivors colored in the books and signed their autograph in it, and after the show, he sold the pictures on eBay to raise money for charities.

Jeff worked as an entertainment reporter for KCBS in Los Angeles, CA then E! News Live, and then as a field correspondent and host for the TV Guide Channel. He was a weekend news anchor and field reporter at FOX 8 WGHP in High Point, North Carolina. In his first year in broadcast news, he won an Associated Press Broadcast News Award: "Rookie of the Year," in 2005.

Jeff began his career in communications as a public relations assistant and corporate communications manager for Citicorp in New York City. He was part of the first team in the corporate world to utilize the internet to communicate project information as a manager in Citicorp's "Product Design and Development Division."

He used that background to transition into web development, working in developing web properties for Citibank, MCI, Harlequin Romance, and Martha Stewart Living Online. Jeff used his Survivor exposure to turn his web and PR career into a a full-blown on-camera reporter, anchor and host.

In May 2007, Jeff left FOX 8 due to what he calls "angry and unprofessional management" from the station's news director. He is now working for WWMT in Kalamazoo, Michigan as a News Anchor for the News Channel 3 morning news.

Alicia Calaway 32 New York, NY Australia 09 9th

Alicia Calaway (born May 1, 1968) was a contestant on two seasons of the CBS reality television series, Survivor. She finished in ninth place on the show's second season, Survivor: The Australian Outback, and finished in seventh place on Survivor: All-Stars.

Alicia was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1994, she won the Amateur Athletic Union "Ms. Connecticut Amateur Natural Bodybuilding Competition". She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with two Associates in Applied Science Degrees and she is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Alicia was a contestant on Survivor's second season Survivor: The Australian Outback in 2001, where she was a member of the Kucha tribe. She allied herself with tribesmate Jeff Varner while frequently butting heads with her tribesmate Kimmi Kappenberg. She is perhaps best known for her on-air fight with Kimmi where she uttered the memorable threat "I will always wave my finger in your face!." A strong physical competitor, she survived to the merger of the new tribe Barramundi. However, after making it to the final nine, she was voted out in a narrow 5-4 vote to Jerri Manthey.

Alicia was chosen again to compete in Survivor: All-Stars, the eighth edition which aired in 2004. She was a member of the Chapera tribe along with Rob Mariano, Amber Brkich, Sue Hawk, Tom Buchanan and Rob Cesternino. She was later moved to the Mogo Mogo tribe during the tribal swap of episode 9. Although physically strong, she was not able to make a strong alliance and finished seventh in a 6-1 vote.

Jerri Manthey 30 Los Angeles, CA Australia 08 8th
Jerri Lynn Manthey (born September 5, 1970 on a US military base in Stuttgart, Germany) is an actress who is best known for her appearances on reality shows.

Jerri's father, Cyril, was a career member of the United States Army and served several years in Germany. Jerri Manthey was born in Stuttgart, Germany and attended both high school and college in Germany.

Manthey worked as a bartender in Los Angeles while attempting to build an acting career. In 2001, she appeared on the television reality show Survivor: The Australian Outback. She was frequently involved in conflicts with the rest of the cast, earning her a degree of notoriety. When she was the ninth contestant voted off, she turned to all her castmates and replied "Checkmate - you guys got me." During the final jury section, she asked finalists Tina Wesson and Colby Donaldson what actions they regretted most in the game; although the question was phrased in a way that sounded like she wanted a personal apology, Colby said he regretted keeping Keith around to the final 3 and Tina bluntly said she regretted listening to Jerri when she led the accusations of food-smuggling against Kel Gleason, who was the first person voted out from their tribe.

Following her appearance on Survivor, Manthey appeared on The Young and the Restless, and the reality shows Blind Date, The Surreal Life and The Joe Schmo Show. She also posed nude in the September 2001 issue of Playboy.

Manthey returned in the 2004 series Survivor: All-Stars. Although she played a less confrontational and directly manipulative strategy this time, she was again voted off ninth, but did not make the jury this time because there were 18 contestants instead of the 16 who were on the Australian Outback season. At the reunion show, she attempted to speak about the distorted image that viewers have of reality show contestants, but she was booed by the studio audience and left during a commercial break. During the "America's Tribal Council" episode, Jeff Probst was critical of Jerri when mentioning her comments that she was upset that Jeff had not defended her when the audience had let loose with boos.

Manthey's acting debut was in the movie That Championship Season (1999) using the name Jerri Lynn London. She also appeared in the movies The Limited (2000), Destiny (2002) and "Komodo vs. Cobra" (2005). She worked as a sideline reporter on the TV series Extreme Dodgeball during its first season, but did not return for the second or third seasons.

Jerri Manthey appeared in Faith Hill's video "Piece of My Heart" in 1994.
Jerri Manthey is one of only two Survivors to be part of two blindfold challenges without ever having been blindfolded, in the second season and the All-Star season.
Jerri Manthey is referenced in Scary Movie 2 when Father Harris attempts to exorcise a demon out of a young girl, saying, "...who sent your only son into the world to crush that roaring tiger, and who got that unholy bitch Jerri off of Survivor!"
Jerri holds the record for most votes cast against, with 19. (12 in Australia and 7 in All-stars.)

Nick Brown 23 Steilacoom, WA Australia 07 7th
Amber Brkich 22 Beaver, PA Australia 06 6th
Amber Joy Brkich Mariano (born August 11, 1978 in Beaver, Pennsylvania) is an American reality TV contestant who was the winner of Survivor: All-Stars, and previously was a contestant on Survivor: The Australian Outback. On May 9, 2004, she accepted fellow All-Stars competitor Rob Mariano's proposal of marriage on live television.

Born in the Pittsburgh suburb of Beaver, Pennsylvania to Croatian parents, Brkich went to Beaver Area High School. She is a graduate of Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, north of Pittsburgh, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations, with a minor in speech communications, in 2000. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta Alumni having served as vice president and new member coordinator while still in school.

Immediately following her appearance on Survivor: The Australian Outback, Amber appeared on the cover of Stuff Magazine. Maxim ranked Brkich as the 50th most beautiful woman in the world in 2004 and 73rd in 2005. For a short time, she also worked as the host of an adventure travel game on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Amber has also appeared in various commercials for Adelphia Cable, Rite Aid drugstores, and Mountaineer Racetrack in West Virginia.

On April 16, 2005, Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich were married in a private ceremony at Atlantis Paradise Island, in the Bahamas. CBS aired a two-hour special about the wedding on May 24, 2005.

According to a post-race interview conducted by TV Guide, Rob and Amber are in the process of planning a secret, new project. Rob revealed in a June 19, 2007 press release that the project is a new reality show, Tontine, that will follow 15 contestants competing for keys on all seven continents over 100 days. The winner will receive a $10 million prize.

Amber lived in her hometown, Beaver, Pennsylvania (a suburb 40 miles northwest of Pittsburgh), until her marriage to Rob Mariano. Afterwards, the couple moved to Pensacola, Florida. In 2006, they also took up residence in Las Vegas, Nevada to support Rob's poker career.

Amber was a participant in the second season of Survivor, having auditioned for the season on a whim. She was a member of the green Ogakor tribe, and she was quick to fortify a strong friendship with fellow contestant Jerri Manthey, who helped construct an alliance with Colby Donaldson, Tina Wesson, and Mitchell Olson.

Upon the merge, Ogakor managed to use the knowledge that one of Kucha's members, Jeff Varner, had received votes beforehand, and eliminated him, thus gaining a numeric advantage over the other group. Later in the game however, it was decided by a majority of the remaining players that Amber had played "under-the-radar", and she was sent home, ultimately landing in sixth place.

A member of the jury, Amber cast her vote for Colby, who did not go on to win the million dollars.

As one of the quieter personalities of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Amber's inclusion in the All Stars installment of Survivor proved somewhat of a surprise to the general public.[citation needed] She was a member of the red Chapera tribe, a boisterous group including Rob Mariano, Sue Hawk, and fellow Survivor: The Australian Outback alumna Alicia Calaway.

In the season's premiere episode, Rob and Amber agreed to form an alliance, with Rob citing his reasoning as: "She's beautiful; any idiot can see that." The group faced its first Tribal Council in the fourth episode. Rob and Amber's relationship was a matter of discussion at the Tribal Council, but Amber claimed to have come to play Survivor, not "The Dating Game."

In the next episode, due to a twist that "dissolved" one of the three tribes, Jenna Lewis and Rupert Boneham joined the Chapera tribe. Rob and Amber quickly fortified a long-term alliance with the tribe's two new members, one of many of the pair's "agreements." The Chapera tribe then enjoyed a lengthy winning streak, winning immunity the next three times. The group did lose one member, however, when Sue Hawk opted to leave the game due to an encounter with Richard Hatch.

In the season's ninth episode, a tribal shuffle managed to merely make each contestant switch buffs, with the exception of Amber, who remained on the Chapera tribe with Lex van den Berghe, Shii Ann Huang, Jerri Manthey, and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien. The tribe went on to lose the next challenge and, in one of the season's more famous moments, Rob said to Lex, "If you take care of her, I'll take care of you." In perhaps an ironic twist of fate, it came down to Amber and her former Outback ally Jerri at that night's Tribal Council. Jerri was eliminated, but Lex stayed true to his deal with Rob, and Amber was spared.

In the following episode, the merge occurred, and Lex was chosen to be eliminated, despite Rob's promise to "take care of him." In the episodes following, Rob and Amber managed to maintain several "alliances," including their agreement with Rupert and Jenna, an agreement with Tom Buchanan, and an agreement with Alicia Calaway. With all these castaways believing themselves to be safe, Rob and Amber proceeded through the game, eventually finding themselves in the final four with Jenna and Rupert.

In the final four, Amber won her first individual Immunity challenge, and she and Rob convinced Jenna to vote out her ally Rupert instead of forcing a tie. In the final three, Rob won immunity and chose Amber to continue with him to the final two. Facing the jury, Rob and Amber met much criticism for their aggressive and underhanded gameplay.

In the season finale several months later, Rob and Amber revealed they were still dating, Amber even wearing a yellow "I Love Rob" shirt. Just before the votes were read, Rob proposed to Amber and she said "yes." Moments later, it was revealed that, in a 4-3 decision, Amber was the Sole Survivor.

As an engaged couple in 2005, Brkich and Mariano participated in the seventh season of The Amazing Race and came in second place. During one leg of the race, the pair drove past the car accident of their fellow racers, brothers Brian and Greg, without stopping. Their fellow competitors all checked in with the brothers prior to continuing on to the next stage of the race. At another point in southern Africa, Mariano and Brkich saw their own photo on a magazine cover. They were also recognized in countries all over the world and assisted by locals who recognized them.

Although Rob & Amber lost the final leg of the race, they placed 1st in the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 10th legs.

In 2007, Rob and Amber competed on the All-Stars season of The Amazing Race as newlyweds. After achieving first place for the first three legs, they came in last and were eliminated in the season's fourth episode which aired on March 11, 2007.

Rob and Amber filmed a 10-episode show for the Fox Reality Channel, Rob and Amber: Against the Odds in 2006, which aired in 2007. Set in Las Vegas, the show follows Rob's attempt to become a professional poker player and features professional player Daniel Negreanu tutoring Rob.

Rodger Bingham 53 Crittenden, KY Australia 05 5th

Rodger Bingham (born July 5, 1947) was a contestant on Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Rodger was one of sixteen Americans selected to participate in the second edition of Survivor, Survivor: The Australian Outback. The native of Crittenden, Kentucky, was nicknamed "Kentucky Joe" early in the series. Rodger was assigned to the Kucha tribe at the start of the game. His tribemates were Elisabeth Filarski, Michael Skupin, Jeff Varner, Alicia Calaway, Kimmi Kappenberg, Nick Brown, and Debb Eaton.

In the first Reward challenge involving jumping off the cliff into the water and swimming over to the crate, he had a fear of heights also a lack of swimming ability which cost his tribe the challenge.

Rodger developed a strong bond with fellow tribemate Elisabeth Filarski. Rodger and Elisabeth were the last standing from their tribe. When it came time for one of them to be voted off Rodger told Tina Wesson to vote him off since Elisabeth needed the money more. He finished 5th in the competition.

In 2005, Kentucky Agricultural Commissioner Richie Farmer made Bingham Kentucky's agricultural marketing spokesman

Elisabeth Filarski 23 Boston, MA Australia 04 4th
Elisabeth Hasselbeck née Filarski (born May 28, 1977) is a former reality show contestant of Survivor: The Australian Outback and current co-host on the United States daytime talk show The View.
Hasselbeck was born Elisabeth DelPadre Filarski in Cranston, Rhode Island. She is the daughter of Catholic school teacher/lawyer Elizabeth DelPadre, and architect Kenneth Filarski. She has one brother, Kenneth Jr. As a child, she lived in Providence and Cranston, Rhode Island.

Elisabeth attended St. Mary School in Cranston, followed by St. Mary Academy - Bay View in Riverside, Rhode Island where she graduated in 1995. She then attended Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, where she served as an Orientation Leader (1997 and 1998), and also captained the Women's Softball team for two seasons. With a concentration on large paintings and industrial design, Hasselbeck graduated with a Fine Arts degree from Boston College in 1999.

Hasselbeck started working for Puma in 1998, while attending Boston College. After graduation, she worked as a member of Puma's design team before her television career . As reported by Lauren Smiley in the Boston Globe article Double Coverage (July 20, 2004), Elisabeth's interest in Survivor was initiated by a fellow shoe designer, who himself was mulling over the idea of testing his skills in the wild.

In 2001, she was cast in Survivor: The Australian Outback, and was originally a member of the Kucha tribe. She was the last remaining member of that tribe in the game before being voted off on Day 39 and finishing fourth overall. As her luxury item, she brought a self-made immunity headdress. At the end of the game, she was the most popular Survivor of the season among the fans, rating a 9.3 out of 10 in the online approval poll. Producers wanted her to return for the Survivor: All-Stars edition, but she was unable to attend because she was starting her tenure at The View at the time. Following her stint on Survivor, Hasselbeck began a television career. In 2001, she was a judge at the Miss Teen USA Pageant, and became host of the Style Network's The Look for Less from 2002 to 2003 where she helped find stylish clothes for bargain prices. Although Elisabeth previously saw herself as a "behind the scenes" kind of person and not interested in career television, or playing pundit, Elisabeth's agent was very eager to showcase her competitive client and she auditioned for The View.

In 2003, Hasselbeck was one of a number of women who guest-hosted to replace outgoing The View co-host Lisa Ling, who left the show at the end of 2002. Hasselbeck made it to the last few contenders, and was finally chosen by the other panelists (in a Survivor-style "Tribal Council") as the new co-host. Hasselbeck typically represents the conservative position on The View, defending creationism and the war on terror, and opposing euthanasia and abortion.

On July 6, 2002, Hasselbeck married her college sweetheart, Tim Hasselbeck. Tim is an NFL quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. The couple have a daughter, Grace Elisabeth Hasselbeck (April 6, 2005), and a son, Taylor Thomas Hasselbeck (November 9, 2007).

Hasselbeck has been very open about owing much of her career to the influence of her husband's family, particularly her father-in-law, former NFL tight end Don Hasselbeck. Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is her brother-in-law.

Hasselbeck has Coeliac disease which is a genetic auto-immune disorder indicated by a complete intolerance to gluten. She has spoken several times about the disorder on The View.

Hasselbeck has said that she calls herself neither a conservative nor a liberal. Her parents had an independent political stance, never telling their children for whom they voted. She has stated that the term "conservative" does not define her as a person. She opposes gay marriage but has said that she supports civil unions; a feeling that would often clash with former View co-host Rosie O'Donnell.

She is a supporter of cervical health and encourages women to have regular exams. In recent years she has worked with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Making Memories Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, The Wireless Amber Alert Program Initiative and The World Scholar Athlete Games.

She was a supporter of President George W. Bush's re-election campaign and delivered a primetime speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Hasselbeck co-hosted Fox News' Fox and Friends the week of April 16.

Hasselbeck has been involved in a number of noted controversial debates on The View. One such issues occurred on August 2, 2006, Hasselbeck got into a heated debate in which she strongly opposed the Food and Drug Administration's plan to sell the "morning after pill" as an over-the-counter drug. Hasselbeck stated, "I believe that life begins at the moment of conception..." She said the pill should be banned in cases of rape and incest, because "that life still has value." Hasselbeck argued that advocates of the drug use the "rape or incest" exception as a "bait-and-switch" distraction from the goal of making it universally accessible. She argued if the "rape or incest" exception was all advocates cared about, they would not support its over-the-counter status.

In May 2007, Hasselbeck was involved in a heated on-air argument with co-host Rosie O'Donnell concerning the war in Iraq, which she supports and O'Donnell opposes. When O'Donnell rhetorically asked, "655,000 Iraqi civilians dead. Who are the terrorists?" and was criticized by Conservative commentators for that, O'Donnell complained about what she perceived as Hasselbeck's unwillingness to defend O'Donnell's statement. Hasselbeck responded that she shouldn't have to defend anyone else's words for them, especially when they have a forum with which to defend themselves.

In September 2007, Barry Manilow cancelled a scheduled appearance on The View due to his dislike of Hasselbeck and her conservative views. Manilow said, "I strongly disagree with her views. I think she's dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her." He added, "I had made a request that I be interviewed by co-hosts Joy (Behar), Barbara (Walters) or Whoopi (Goldberg), but not Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Unfortunately, the show was not willing to accommodate this simple request, so I bowed out."

On October 3, 2007, Hasselbeck and The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg got into a discussion about Hillary Clinton's new $5000 baby entitlement which became heated due to Hasselbeck stating that it would lead to fewer abortions due to women wanting to keep the money. Goldberg warned Hasselbeck to "back off a little" and asked her if she "had ever been in that position to make that decision".

In January 2008, Hasselbeck and her The View co-hosts were discussing the idea of whether it is harder to elect an African American or Woman President. When asked "Is the country more racist than sexist?" by co-host Joy Behar, Hasselbeck was quick to respond with "Don't we have the answer already? Wasn't a black man able to walk into a voting booth long before a woman?" Co-host Whoopi Goldberg responded by informing her that a woman was able to vote long before an African American which she thought was right. Hasselbeck was correct as male African Americans were given the right to vote in 1870 by the 15th Amendment while women were given the right to vote in 1920 by the 19th Amendment. However, African Americans were sometimes kept from voting well into the 1960s, especially in the American South, by Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, property requirements, and literacy tests designed to prevent them from actually voting. Only the 1965 Voting Rights Act banned all taxes, tests, and land requirements and enforced African Americans' right to vote.

Keith Famie 40 West Bloomfield, MI Australia 03 3rd

Keith Famie (born February 11, 1960) was a contestant on the CBS reality television series, Survivor: The Australian Outback. He was the 14th person to be voted off. During an online chat on the show, he proposed marriage to his girlfriend and she accepted. Despite his experience as a chef, he was depicted as having difficulty preparing rice properly with the more primitive equipment available at their outback campsite. Keith is the Survivor that made it most days (41) and played the game only once. Colby and Tina (42 days each) returning in Survivor All-Stars

Keith was born and raised in Farmington Hills, Michigan, United States. As of 2007, he resides in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and is a divorced father of two children, Josh and Alicia. While attending high school, he began working in restaurant kitchens and after graduation, had traveled the world working in hotels located in such places such as Brussels, Monte Carlo and New York.

Famie opened his own restaurant in 1988, which was called Les Auteurs: an American Bistro, and in the same year was recognized in Food & Wine magazine as one of the "10 Best New Chefs". Les Auteurs was featured in Esquire Magazine's "Best New Restaurants of 1988." In 1993, Famie began making television appearances in cooking segments for local Detroit television stations. The popular segments ultimately led to several half-hour specials airing in Detroit. In 1998, he wrote a cookbook, Famie's Adventures in Cooking, which is published by Sleeping Bear Press.

Following his appearances on Survivor, Famie continued his cooking-related writing and television appearances, albeit with a larger potential following. Famie hosted a television series, Keith Famie's Adventures, for the Food Network, in which Famie traveled to various destinations to present local cuisine. According to the Food Network website, 30 episodes were produced. The pilot episode filmed in Kenya debuted Monday, November 12, 2001, when Survivor: Africa was being broadcast. Another 28 half-hour episodes, and a one-hour special filmed in Tahiti, near the home of Survivor: Marquesas were first broadcast in 2002. The title of his first post-Survivor cookbook, "Yes I Can Cook Rice and So Can You" referenced Famie's Survivor depiction.

In 2003, Keith Famie had another book published, titled "You Haven't Been There Until You've Eaten The Food." The book was published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers in New York. There are over 130 recipes in this book, covering his visits to six foreign countries and three U.S. states.

Colby Donaldson 26 Dallas, TX Australia 02 Runner-up
Colby Donaldson (born April 1, 1974) is an American television actor known as the runner-up on Survivor: The Australian Outback.
Donaldson was born in Christoval, Texas, and took a degree in business marketing at Texas Tech University, where he was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, the same fraternity chapter as actor George Eads.

He entered the reality television series Survivor: The Australian Outback, in which he was the runner-up. At the end of the competition, the dominant Colby made a move which most people considered to be a mistake in judgment, and which was widely believed to have cost him the competition. Donaldson won the final immunity challenge, giving him the choice of who he would rather face in the final vote, and passed up an opportunity to vote off Tina Wesson, who ultimately defeated him. Colby instead cast his vote for Keith Famie who was generally disliked and seen as less deserving to win the title of Sole Survivor.

Colby was chosen to participate in Survivor: All Stars, where he was on the Mogo Mogo tribe and was the 7th person voted out. At the Survivor: All Stars televised reunion Survivor: America's Tribal Council, Donaldson was voted by an online poll as the sexiest male castaway of all first 8 seasons. Donaldson is also known for his friendship with Survivor host Jeff Probst and their regular poker games.

After this brief stint on reality television, Donaldson turned to acting, appearing on such shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Reba, several episodes of Joey, and Episode 118 ("The Man in the Morgue") of the Fox hit series, Bones (2005). He starred in several commercials as the spokesman for Schick razors, had a minor role as a secret service agent in Wes Craven's Red Eye (2005).

He is now set to become part of The Rachael Ray Show as one of Rachael's "buddies"

Tina Wesson 40 Knoxville, TN Australia 01 Winner

Tina Wesson (born December 26, 1960 in Knoxville, Tennessee) won $1,000,000 as the winner of Survivor: The Australian Outback. A married personal nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, Tina outlasted 15 other players to become the first woman to win the $1 million prize in 2001. She had no votes against her the entire season. She also returned in 2004 for Survivor: All-Stars but this time, she did get votes against her, and was the first person voted off the show, making her last 39 days less than in her previous season, which is the biggest ever decrease of days of a second season from a first season.

Wesson had many attributes that made her popular with viewers. She was an attractive blonde with a positive, outgoing personality, a friendly Southern accent and a competitive attitude. She was very nurturing to the other castaways, taking on a very maternal role with younger ally Colby.

As part of the Ogakor tribe, Tina was not targeted in the beginning of the game, seeming to mesh well with all the contestants and was not seen as a physical liability. She joined her whole tribe in voting off Kel Gleason and Maralyn Hershey in Episodes 2 and 3. In Episode 4, Tina was part of a move orchestrated on the way to Tribal Council. Tina managed to convince allies Keith Famie and Colby Donaldson to force a tie between Mitchell Olson (who was aligned with Amber Brkich and Jerri Manthey) and Keith, whereby Mitchell would be voted off due to his previous vote at Episode 4's tribal council. Tina has been credited by many Survivor columnists and analysts to have engineered this move, the first overthrow of a dominant alliance in the game's history with a noted voting confessional, "Let the games begin!"

When the tribes merged (new tribe name was Barramundi) at 5-5 from each tribe, the first tribal council resulted in a 5-5 tie, but because Jeff Varner was known to have at least one vote against his name before, he was voted out, and the Ogakor 5 took over as the dominant alliance in the game. They also voted out another Kucha member Alicia Calaway before the final 8. At the Final 8, when the next target Nick Brown won immunity, the dominant faction of the Ogakor 5, Tina, Colby Donaldson and Keith Famie sided with the remaining Kucha members, Nick, Elisabeth Filarski and Rodger Bingham to vote out tribal annoyance and self-proclaimed bitch, Jerri. At the next tribal council, Nick was voted out.

At the Final 6, The main faction of the now Ogakor 4 joined Rodger and Elisabeth to voted out Jerri's old ally Amber, propelling them into the Final 5, at which Tina, Colby and Keith took control and eliminated Rodger first and then Elisabeth at the next two tribal councils. In the Final 3 immunity challenge, Colby continued a winning streak and chose to eliminate the more hated Keith instead of Tina, a move that later came back to haunt him.

In the end, Tina Wesson became the Sole Survivor in a 4-3 vote, in which she gained the votes of Keith Famie, Elisabeth Filarski, Jerri Manthey, and Alicia Calaway.

As part of the Saboga tribe who lost immunity in the first episode, Tina, a previous winner, was immediately targeted. She was chosen to be eliminated over Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn, as he was needed for strength in challenges. Tribemate Jenna Lewis orchestrated this move stating "it's our game now, get off our playing field!" With the very first votes against her, Tina was voted out of Survivor: All-Stars in Episode 1, by a 4-2 vote.

* As revealed at the reunion show, Tina was originally chosen as an alternate for the show. She was selected the Monday before the show began to actually attend.

* Survivor: Borneo winner Richard Hatch has referred to Tina Wesson as the "steel magnolia of the Australian Outback".

* While she already had a thin figure at the start of the competition, the six weeks of starvation and exercise made her extremely skinny, weighing just over 100 pounds.

* In Survivor: The Australian Outback, Wesson dramatically swam across raging water during an episode when the castaway's camp was flooded in order to successfully rescue the tribe's rice can, its lone meager food source at the time.

* She also appeared on HGTV's Designers' Challenge. She and her husband wanted a room to remind her of her experience in the outback.

* Tina Wesson has published a book about her life experiences outside of the Survivor show, entitled Out Live, Out Laugh, Out Love with AuthorHouse.

* Wesson has stated that had Michael Skupin not been severely burned and forced to quit the game, she would not have won because he did not receive a single vote against him.

* She is one of only two mothers (going into the start of the game) to win "Survivor", the other being Sandra Diaz-Twine.

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