Monday, February 11, 2008

Whisper A'Daire

Whisper A'Daire is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe, first appearing in Detective Comics #743.
Formerly an agent for the late Ra's al Ghul, Ra's gave Whisper a serum that grants her immortality and the ability to shapeshift. Partnered with Kyle Abbot, officially her bodyguard, she in fact is a snake lady, and Kyle himself a wolf man. When Batman tries to free her from the immortal mastermind, Whisper refuses his help and disappears.

The same serum allows her to create a small group of men who also have the ability to shapeshift into different animals. Usually the redhead seductress uses her mind control to force them to obey her orders, though a stronger mind can break free from hers by clinging to his free will.
Whisper resurfaces in 52 week 11, with the formal role of a manager for HSC International Banking, a company connected with Intergang, which is in turn flooding Gotham with strange futuristic weaponry. Confronted by the Question and ex-police officer Renee Montoya, she is able to flee without giving away other details of her current mission. In Kahndaq, Whisper is revealed as the leader of the Cult of Cain. Using her powers, Whisper brainwashes kidnapped children into being Intergang operatives. Whisper is confronted by Montoya, the Question, Black Adam and Isis and flees.

She resurfaces several week later in Gotham, helping Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim fathom the secrets of the "Bible of Crime". Discovering that "the twice named daughter of Kaine", is Kate Kane, the Batwoman, she officiates with Bruno a rite meant to drown Gotham in a fire pit, sacrificing Kate while activating alien devices all over Gotham. Once again her bodyguard betrays her, siding with Nightwing and Renee Montoya. Nightwing is sent to interrupt the rite. In the ensuring fight Whisper is badly burnt.
A feminine and attractive redhead, Whisper is an immortal shapeshifter, having utilized Ra's serum on a regular basis. Appearing to be in her late twenties, she is at least eighty years old and keeps her appearance youthful by shedding her skin like a snake. Her shapeshifting abilities allow her to transform between her basic human form and a snake-like form, scaly and with slit-like irises and a forked tongue. These characteristics make her strikingly similar to Marvel Comics character Mystique[original research?].

After Ra's death, it is unknown how and where Whisper obtains the serum.

She has some form of mind control or mesmerization that apparently relies on eye contact, as Whisper is unable to control the faceless Question, but succeeds in forcing Renee to give her name. Whisper has always been described as a seductress, so after establishing a first contact with the subject, she can rely on her charms and her voice to keep him (or her) under her thrall.

Before the events of 52, she exhibits other snake abilities, like spitting acid poison in the face of her foes, or servants who displeased her (such as Abbot), killing or disabling them. The full extension of her current powers is still unknown, because she prefers to rely on her deceptive defenceless appearance and her mind control abilities to avoid any fight, having always around her a small number of expendable henchmen, or fleeing shortly before being discovered.

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