Friday, March 7, 2008

Amy Fisher on Howard Stern

Amy Fisher walked off the Howard show yesterday morning, and then later her husband called to complain that she'd been "ambushed" because Howard's first caller was Mary Jo Buttafuco's daughter. It was a riot. Amy was there to promote her new Amy Fisher Sex Video. Howard said that in the video she looks more like a victim than anything, and the tape is, according to Howard, really graphic and not very good. He asked her how come she made it, whether she's getting paid well. You could hear her thinking that the interview to sell the Amy Fisher video might not be worth it. One of the best questions Howard asked was what she'll tell her kids when they're old enough to know. Later on, Gary Delabate led the charge to say she's just flat out not a good person, while Fred said she's a victim of Joey Buttafuoco and needs some serious counseling. Apparently she's had huge breast implants too. It was great radio.

I especially loved how the husband called in to say she doesn't want to talk about shooting Mary Jo all those years ago. Howard replied "what else is she known for? why else would she get time on a show like this?"

Later in the show Henry Hill, the person that Goodfellas is based on, was on with his new girlfriend. She sounds very nice and I wish them both the best

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