Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Manson is Ned on Bubba the Love Sponge and Bubba Sucks Ass

I was listening to Bubba the Love Sponge on Sirius yesterday and they played an OLD phone call where Ned (Ned Schnitt, Nedley Mandingo) called the Red Neck store. It was clearly Manson. They said the phone call was from 1997 or 1998 and it was so clearly Manson that Bubba even stopped the call to say "Listen to how young you sound Ned!" Well, yeah, they've gotten better at using compression and digital effects to lower Manson's redneck voice and make him sound like this character.

There's some irony here. As I was driving and listening I had been thinking that "maybe Ned isn't Manson" but then they played that old phone call, and once and for all I've made up my mind. I think that Bubba realizes the people are starting to catch on, because I've been hearing Manson laugh a lot more. My guess is that they've recorded Manson laughing, and play them when he's making Ned talk. (Or, ALL of Ned's parts are pre taped, which seems like it would be pretty hard to do and sound like actual conversation).

I read on another website that when they do public appearances, Ned is played by Manson's father in law, and on stage, it's Manson in costume. I think it's a pretty crappy way to treat fans, actually. I listened to Bubba back when he was on Clearchannel poser crapfest WEBN, and I thought his "schtick" of just shocking people by talking about lesbians and sex on the public airwaves was pretty cheesey. Howard Stern did all that, but did it with substance. Then I learned that he was a huge fat guy who couldn't even wipe his own butt, and I never listened again. I gave him a chance again when Howard Stern hired him, and honestly I was really entertained, but this work of his (to use one of his words) is really pretty crappy. Ned is beloved by his trucker fans, to treat them like morons by lying to them is awful.

Also, one of the things about Bubba the Love Sponge (todd clem) is the vocab he uses. On the chip, a work, a shoot, a mark...these are all part of his vernacular. I'm willing to bet though that these words all come from his friend Hulk Hogan and there's not an original idea in this guy's head.

I haven't had a chance to ask about it in detail, but friends of mine went to Bubbapalooza in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. (Original name, huh). Well, I was interested to see what this would be like. I remember Bubba saying that tickets would sell out in minutes, and then hearing him saying (for weeks) that people should get their tickets because they were sure to sell out. My friends got theirs (four together) the week of the show. I asked about the show the next day via text message and he said they left 45 minutes into the show and was going to complain to the Hard Rock about having such a horrible show and charging so much for it. Like I said, I haven't heard the details, but um, that may be the final nail in my Bubba coffin.

Yeah, the more I write, the more I'm sure I'm done listening to Bubba. I may forward this link to Sirius as he's whining about his contract and keeping us all in suspense again about whether he'll renew his contract. Meanwhile, his show is increasingly content thats very very old (here's a phone call from 1997 we played on a different station!) and stuff he steals from Howard. (He has a retarded guy with a speech impediment who calls in named B.Fudd or something. Gary the Retard is way more entertaing, B.Fudd is just boring. Bubba has his mother call in all the time too).

I hope Brent and Spice Boy and Manson do ok, well, maybe not Manson, as he's the guy behind pretending to be Ned, but Bubba Clem can sit and spin for all I care now.


Ben Anderson said...

About that whole "tickets will sell out in minutes" thing; I'm pretty sure he was talking about the meet and greet tickets, and I'm pretty sure they did. Just my 2 cents. I don't get bitching this much about the show, either listen or don't. I personally find it very entertaining. If I stop finding it entertaining someday, I'd just stop listening.

Roaul King said...

Your question whether "shoot, mark, rib, etc" were from his buddy Hogan.

You are correct, its old wrestler/carny talk..
Shoot = real, 'not a bit/part of the show'
Mark - punter, rube, someone willing to spend money
rib - Haze, mess with..

another one is put izz in words..

I was kizzilling the gizzuy

Thats true carny talk/

Larry Brimlow said...

Personally I think he's the biggest whinner I've ever heard, especially during the court hearings with schnitt..my son doesn't cry n complain as much as bubba does. To me he thinks he's some kind of God ..loves to brag about what he has and what others don't..wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if he just happen to dissappear one day..may happen , never know..

Brad Raub said...

There is no way Ned could be Manson. No one could pretend to be that guy.

Lesley Smith said...

Really, get over it.