Thursday, March 6, 2008

Podcasts Wanted

So, obviously, I know about your own podcasts. But I was wondering if anyone could recommend some other podcasts that are worth a click. In particular, non-mainstream media podcasts.

One of the reasons I got interested in the net and online media was because it offered an alternative to the mainstream. That's why I was drawn to blogging - because at first, at least, the kind of people who were blogging weren't traditional journalists. So you didn't get the same old perspectives and ideas.

It seems to me that, at first, the whole podcasting thing had a similar alternative feel. But in the last couple of years, all the grassroots/experimental work done by ordinary people has been swamped the work of the big broadcasters. When you go on iTunes now, the podcasts that you're most likely to be exposed to are by well known media companies. The more individual stuff just doesn't appear.

Now podcasting is clearly brilliant as a distribution tool - it lets you listen to mainstream radio on demand, when you want. And it broadens the range of radio you can listen to - for example, have a look round the podcast directory put up by National Public Radio in the States - there are loads of interesting shows available for download.

That's all great. But what about the idea that podcasting can provide a different take on radio, a more experimental approach to using audio as a tool for recording and reporting the world? Perhaps I just don't know the right places to go.

So can you recommend anywhere? Have you found particularly interesting podcasts you want to share?

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