Monday, March 31, 2008

Where Did this Month Go?

I have had almost no time to blog this month, although I should say I started a project on a blog of biographies because I like the idea of a central place to learn about people in the news, and as you know by now I'm a baseball nut so I had to start a baseball blog, I'm so excited that the season finally starts today!
(that trip to Japan to have the Red Sox and the A's play a week early is just dumb, but creating a truly international league with a true "world series" would be awesome, especially if we can use sports to end our differences).

Anyhow, I know I missed a lot of good stories I would have liked to blog about like the Kristen Davis sextapes. Oh my god I thought she was the hottest of the Sex in the City Cast and if she has a sextape I thought wow! I simply have to see it. (ok, the only thing hotter would be Kim Cattrall sex tapes). (Well on that show I mean, give me Jennifer Aniston tapes any day).

Of course that wasn't the only Kristen in the news, as the people of New York know too well. I can't wait to hear more details from that whole story. What was it the news reported? The prostitutes supposedly said something about dangerous sex? I guess that would have to be something like auto erotic asphyxiation, which I never understood, and apparently Mrs. Spitzer didn't either. That's all speculation based on news reports though, so don't take my word for it. All I'll say, however, is that I think Silda Spitzer is super hot and I'd so her. Let's see Silda Spitzer nude in a sex tape, ooo, with Kim Cattrall!

Let's see, the march madness tournament has been a lot of fun. I loved Stephen Curry and Davidson and wanted to see them beat Kansas yesterday (and if their coach had actually drawn up a play for the end of the game I think they could have. He should have had Curry get a better screen for a three, or feint to Curry and get the ball to Bryant Barr who had been knocking down threes earlier. Playing for the win, not the tie, was a smart move, I'm not sure how much gas those guys had left in the tank.

The Jonas Brothers concerts have started selling tickets. This whole area is far too big (my god, will the Disney Channel and Nick PLEASE give parents a break between these fake teen idol heart throbs? Most families are recovering from Miley Cyrus tickets, and now we have a summer tour with the Jonas Brothers, who I mix up with the Naked Brothers (making the Naked Jonas Brothers in my head, ewwww). There is a recession on and the vast majority of people who have kids that watch your crap and buy your tix are hurting. PLEASE GIVE US A BREAK!

How about that economy. Thanks George. I think if you look back into history, giving huge tax breaks to the rich always leads to huge economic slowdown and or recession.
Look at Andrew Mellon's handling of the economy under Harding in the 1920s and then at Ronald Reagan tax policy in the 1980s and Goober Bush's now. Huge tax break leads to massive growth, which leads to massive down turn. Too bad Goober didn't get the massive growth part, probably shouldn't have played up that "war on terror" thing so much George and attacked Iraq too, you might have at least reaped some points for a good economy for a couple of years, but instead the super rich got super richer and the rest of us got screwed.

Ok, more later I hope.

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