Wednesday, June 4, 2008

1925 Harley Davidson JD

In 1925 if you wanted the best that Harley-Davidson had to offer it would cost you $335.00 whether or not you were planning on a side car outfit. That price would have bought you a new JD Model, 9,506 of which were built in 1925. It was also Harley's best seller by a factor of two.

For 1925 the entire Harley-Davidson line was fitted with new frames that lowered the rider by a full three inches, allowing smaller riders to handle the bike with greater ease. Other changes that made the '25s more comfortable for many riders included reshaped handlebars and repositioned gearshift lever. That lowered frame also allowed more rounded fuel tanks. An additional benefit of the revised frame was that wheels and tires could be wider, which in turn improved both ride and handling.

In the case of the JD, the frame was home to a 45-degree F-head V-Twin displacing 74 cid. That engine now had iron-alloy pistons. A Schebler Model H was the standard carburetor, while a Zenith or Schebler Deluxe were optional. Other modifications for the 1925s included improved headlight lenses that offered a broader beam.

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