Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kimbo Slice Wins By an Ear

Did you watch the MMA on CBS last night?
Kimbo Slice (3-0) def. James Thompson (16-9).

Thompson had a good plan, get Slice on the ground and outwrestle him. He was clearly better at wrestling than Kimbo, but to his credit, Kimbo managed to get out of a couple of good holds and get back to slugging. When he finally popped that incredible cauliflower ear on Thompson's head, it was the grossest (and best) thing I have ever seen on network television.

Middleweights: Champion Robbie Lawler (15-4, 1 no-contest) vs. challenger Scott Smith (15-4, 1 NC)

This was a great fight that got stopped because Lawler accidently poked Smith in the eye. Both of these fighters seemed like good people, and the fight was a great back and forth, with Lawler dominating the first round and "hands of steel" Smith taking the fight to him in the second. The rematch will be great.

Gina Carano (6-0) def. Kaitlin Young (4-2)
How: TKO (doctor stoppage), 5:00 round two
This was a great fight, and as I've mentioned earlier on this blog, I am totally in love with Gina Carano. OMG what a fighter! Young was a gamer, but she got pounded and looked like hell at the end of the fight. Carano was clearly gassed, but still landed a lot of good punches.

Middleweights: Joey Villasenor (26-6) def. Phil Baroni (10-10)
How: TKO, 1:11 round one
Key moment: Baroni couldn’t stand and trade, long his bread and butter, with Villasenor.
The New York Badass got his ass handed to him by a very tough Joe Villasenor.

Heavyweights: Brett Rogers (7-0) def. Jon Murphy (4-3)
How: TKO, 1:01 round one
Murphy got clobbered by "the Grim" who I believe gave Kimbo some nasty words after the fight.

Now, I am very pleased that CBS is broadcasting these fights. The production was cheesy though, like a tractor pull meets world wrestling federation. I could have gone for some more gravitas and less sideshow barkers.

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