Monday, June 9, 2008

Sang Yoon and Father's Office

There is an article in today's USA Today about Sang Yoon, a South Korea-born chef whose beer-and-burger joint, Father's Office, has helped launched a casual-food craze in the fine-dining industry. I am all for this. I've dined at many five star restaurants and the tuxedos and white cloth and linen and all is nice, and impressive, but it's the awesome food I'm there for. Sang Yoon started Father's Office in a former biker bar and the menu is about craft beer and gourmet hamburgers. YES!

I think the world needs its fine dining. Keep the places with the tuxedos and the linen, but how about a few more restaurants like Sang Yoon's? Fun, good food, and pretentions checked outside.

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