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Katar Hol is a DC Comics superhero, the Silver Age Hawkman. Created by Gardner Fox and Joe Kubert, he first appeared in The Brave and the Bold # 34 (Feb-Mar 1961) Katar Hol was an honored police officer on his homeworld of Thanagar. His father was Paran Katar, renowned ornithologist and inventor. Among Paran Katar's various creations are the antigravity Nth Metal and their wings.

When Katar Hol was eighteen, an alien race called the Manhawks invaded Thanagar and began looting the planet. Paran sent young Katar Hol to infiltrate their nest dressed as a bird and bring back information on the aliens. Using this information, Paran created a hawk-like battle suit containing advanced technology like his "Nth Metal". Katar used this hawk-suit and Paran's advanced weaponry to drive the Manhawks away from Thanagar.

That, however, was not the end of the problem. Some Thanagarians had learned the concept of stealing from the Manhawks. Due to the amount of crime, the Thanagarian government created a police force. In honor of Paran Katar and his achievements, the new police force began using his hawk-suit and equipment. Paran headed this new police force, named the Hawk-Police (or Wingmen), and his son became one of the first recruits.

Soon Katar soon became one of the most skilled of the Hawk-Police. When a group called the Rainbow Raiders began committing crimes, Katar was teamed up with rookie Shayera Thal to track and apprehend the criminals. During the case, Shayera saved Katar's life, and the two soon fell in love. A few weeks later, Katar proposed to Shayera and the two got married, working together as partners-for-life in the Hawk-Police.

After ten years of marriage, the pair were sent to Earth in 1959 to capture the shape-shifting Thanagarian criminal Byth. Following this mission, they elected to remain on Earth to work with authorities in Midway City in the United States to learn human police methods. The two adopted covers as a pair of museum curators, Carter and Shiera Hall, and acted publicly as the heroes Hawkman II and Hawkgirl II (later Hawkwoman).

His supporting cast consist of Commissioner George Emmett, the only person to know of the Hawks' true identities and their alien origins; Mavis Trent, museum naturalist and diorama artist who flirts with Katar; Joe Tracy, the museum's publicist; his commanding officer Andar Pul; and a large red hawk named Big Red who lives nearby Hawk Valley. Katar gained a variety of unique villainous opponents such as the Shadow Thief, Matter Master, Ira Quimby (I.Q.), Konrad Kaslak, the Criminal Alliance of the World (or C.A.W.), Lion-Mane, Kanjar Ro, Hyathis, the Fadeaway Man, and the Gentleman Ghost.
* Hawkman's first animated appearance was in the 1967 Filmation animated series The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, in which Hawkman appeared in several shorts, either in solo adventures or as part of the Justice League.
* Hawkman has appeared as a Super Friend in The All-New Super Friends Hour, Challenge Of The Super Friends, Super Friends: The Legendary Super Powers Show, and The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians. His voice was provided by Jack Angel. Hawkman appears in almost every episode of Challenge of the Superfriends, but has spoken lines in only thirteen out of the sixteen episodes of this series.
* Hawkman was featured in the Legends of the Superheroes TV Specials in 1979, portrayed by Bill Nuckols.
* Hro Talak from the episode "Starcrossed" in Justice League TV series is an anagram for Katar Hol. The producers of the Justice League series originally meant for Hro Talak to be the DCAU version of Hawkman, but DC Comics refused to allow it since Hro Talak was essentially a villain. They did introduce Carter Hall in the last season of Justice League Unlimited, whose name in a past life was revealed to be Katar Hol. Hro Talak can also be compared or loosely based on Fel Andar.
* Hawkman first made a cameo on The Batman in the season-four finale "The Joining, Part Two" and appeared in the episode "What Goes Up...", voiced by Robert Patrick. While not identified by name, a comment made about the Batcave looking like police headquarters on Thanagar indicates that he's Katar Hol.
* Katar Hol has a cameo appearance as Hawkman at the end of the animated film Justice League: The New Frontier. He is seen during the famous speech by John F. Kennedy.

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