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Parts named after people

I was doing some research for a paper and found an old list of body parts that are named after people. It took me forever to type it out of the book, but I think some of the terms are hilarious and well worth the time.


* Achilles tendon Achilles, Greek mythological character
* Adam's apple Adam, Biblical character
* Alcock's canal (pudendal canal) Sir Rutherford Alcock
* Artery of Adamkiewicz Albert Wojciech Adamkiewicz
* Auerbach's plexus Leopold Auerbach


* Bachmann's bundle Jean George Bachmann
* Bartholin's gland Caspar Bartholin the Younger
* Batson's plexus
* Long thoracic nerve of Bell Sir Charles Bell
* Duct of Bellini Lorenzo Bellini
* Renal columns of Bertin Exupere Joseph Bertin
* Betz cells Vladimir Alekseyevich Betz
* Billroth's cords Theodor Billroth
* Bowman's capsule and Bowman's membrane Sir William Bowman
* Broca's area Paul Broca
* Brodmann's areas Korbinian Brodmann
* Brunner's glands Johann Conrad Brunner
* Buck's fascia Gurdon Buck


* Cajal cells Santiago Ramón y Cajal
* Castle intrinsic factor William Bosworth Castle
* Charcot-Bouchard aneurysms Jean-Martin Charcot and Charles-Joseph Bouchard
* Chassaignac tubercle Charles Marie Édouard Chassaignac
* Christmas factor Stephen Christmas
* Clara cell Max Clara
* Colles' fascia Abraham Colles
* Cooper's fascia Astley Cooper
* Cooper's iliopectineal ligament Astley Cooper
* Cooper's suspensory ligaments Astley Cooper
* Organ of Corti Alphonso Corti
* Cowper's glands William Cowper
* Cuvier ducts Georges Cuvier


* Darwin's tubercle Charles Darwin
* Campbell de Morgan spots
* Denonvilliers' fascia Charles-Pierre Denonvilliers
* Descemet's membrane Jean Descemet
* Space of Disse Joseph Disse
* Pouch of Douglas James Douglas


* Von Ebner's glands Victor von Ebner
* Edinger-Westphal nucleus Ludwig Edinger and Karl Friedrich Otto Westphal
* Eustachian tube Bartolomeo Eustachi


* Fallopian tube Gabriele Falloppio


* Gallaudet's fascia
* Gartner's duct Hermann Gartner
* Fossa of Geraldi
* Gerdy's Fibers Pierre Nicolas Gerdy
* Gerota Capsule Dumitru Gerota
* Glisson's capsule Francis Glisson
* Golgi apparatus and Golgi receptor Camillo Golgi
* Graafian follicle Regnier de Graaf
* Gräfenberg spot (G-spot) Ernst Gräfenberg
* Great vein of Galen Galen, an ancient Greek physician


* Hasner's Fold Joseph Hasner
* Haversian canal Clopton Havers
* Spiral valves of Heister Lorenz Heister
* Loop of Henle F. G. J. Henle
* Canals of Hering Karl Ewald Konstantin Hering
* Hering's nerve Heinrich Ewald Hering
* Herring bodies Percy Theodore Herring
* Heschl's gyri Richard L. Heschl
* Hesselbach's triangle Franz Kaspar Hesselbach
* Antrum of Highmore Nathaniel Highmore
* Bundle of His Wilhelm His, Jr.
* Houston's muscle John Houston
* Canal of Huguier Pierre Charles Huguier
* Hurthle cell Karl Hürthle


* Kerckring's valves Theodor Kerckring
* Kernohan notch James Watson Kernohan
* Kiesselbach's plexus Wilhelm Kiesselbach
* Pores of Kohn Hans Kohn
* Krause's end-bulbs Wilhelm Krause
* Kupffer cells Karl Wilhelm von Kupffer


* Canals of Lambert Margaret Waugh Lambert
* Langer's lines Karl Langer
* Islets of Langerhans and Langerhans cell Paul Langerhans
* Langhans giant cell Theodor Langhans
* Leydig Cells Franz Leydig
* Crypts of Lieberkühn Johann Nathanael Lieberkühn
* Lissauer's tract Heinrich Lissauer
* Urethral glands of Littré Alexis Littré
* Lockwood's ligament Charles Barrett Lockwood
* Angle of Louis Antoine Louis
* Lovibond's angle
* Lund's node
* Crypts of Luschka, Ducts of Luschka, Foramina of Luschka, and Luschka's joints Hubert von Luschka


* Macewen's triangle Sir William Macewen
* Foramen of Magendie François Magendie
* Veins of Mayo
* McBurney's point Charles McBurney
* Malpighian corpuscle Marcello Malpighi
* Meckel's cartilage and Meckel's diverticulum Johann Friedrich Meckel
* Meibomian glands Heinrich Meibom
* Meissner's corpuscle and Meissner's plexus Georg Meissner
* Merkel cell Friedrich Sigmund Merkel
* Meyer's loop
* Möll's gland and Space of Möll Jacob A. Möll
* Foramina of Monro Alexander Monro
* Glands of Montgomery William Fetherstone Montgomery
* Hydatids of Morgagni, and Lacunae of Morgagni Giovanni Battista Morgagni
* Morison's pouch James Rutherford Morison
* Müllerian ducts Johannes Peter Müller
* Mahdi Nerve- Dr. Mahdi Hasan


* Nissl bodies or granules and Nissl substance Franz Nissl (all terms now rarely used)


* Sphincter of Oddi Ruggero Oddi
* Nucleus of Onufrowicz


* Pacinian corpuscles Filippo Pacini
* Paneth cells Joseph Paneth
* Papez circuit James Papez
* Peyer's patches Johann Conrad Peyer
* Poupart's ligament François Poupart
* Prussak's space Alexander Prussak
* Purkinje cells Jan E. Purkinje


* Node of Ranvier Louis-Antoine Ranvier
* Rathke's pouch Martin Heinrich Rathke
* Reichert cartilage Karl Bogislaus Reichert
* Renshaw cells
* Space of Retzius and Veins of Retzius Anders Retzius
* Riedel's lobe Bernhard Moritz Carl Ludwig Riedel
* Rokitansky-Aschoff sinuses Carl Freiherr von Rokitansky and Ludwig Aschoff
* Rolandic fissure and fissure of Rolando Luigi Rolando
* Rotter's lymph nodes Josef Rotter
* Ruffini's corpuscles Angelo Ruffini
* Rutherford Morrison's subhepatic space


* Duct of Santorini Giovanni Domenico Santorini
* Schatzki's ring Richard Schatzki
* Canal of Schlemm Friedrich Schlemm
* Sertoli cell Enrico Sertoli
* Sharpey's fibres William Sharpey
* Schlieter's Shins
* Shrapnell's membrane Henry Jones Shrapnell
* Sideburns General Ambrose Burnside (for his distinctive whiskers)
* Skene's gland Alexander Skene
* Spigelian fascia Adriaan van den Spiegel
* Stensen's duct Niels Stensen
* Sylvian aqueduct


* Thorel's pathway
* White lines of Toldt Carl Toldt
* Traube's space Ludwig Traube
* Ligament of Trietz Václav Treitz


* Ampulla of Vater Abraham Vater
* Virchow-Robin spaces Rudolf Virchow and Charles-Philippe Robin
* Virchow's node Rudolf Virchow


* Waldeyer's throat Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried von Waldeyer-Hartz
* Wenckebach's bundle Karel Frederik Wenckebach
* Wernicke's area Karl Wernicke
* Wharton's duct and Wharton's jelly Thomas Wharton
* Circle of Willis Thomas Willis
* Foramen of Winslow Jean-Jacques Bénigne Winslow
* Duct of Wirsung Johann Georg Wirsung
* Wolffian duct Kaspar Friedrich Wolff
* Wormian bones Ole Worm


* Zonule of Zinn Johann Gottfried Zinn

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